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Living Your Poem.......

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I took this picture of my footprints one beautiful evening in Jupiter, Florida.
I had not been back to Florida in many years and we had driven down from Georgia for a few days. Our first evening was a stop over in Jupiter.
I could not wait to get to the beach and smell the ocean again and walk in the most beautiful soft white sand.
The shells I picked up on the beach in Florida and the star fish is actually from Savannah GA. which I bought from "The Paris Market" one of my fav shops in Savannah. The background I painted with acrylic paints to match the sunset colors of that most precious evening.

Living your Poem is as important as breathing, sleeping and eating.
Never stop Believing in your Dreams...
for Dreams become the Poetry of your Souls Song.


I thought I would share it with you my dear friends.

Birds and Butterflies....Oh my!!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Dear Friends,
I wanted to show you what I got in the mail today from my friend Tina from Denmark. I had ordered the Bird and Butterfly Art Kit from her awhile ago and much to my sorrow it never arrived so Tina put together another one for me. These are just a few of the darling bird pictures, cancelled stamps and tags that she sent to me and some smaller items were in the cutest little tin and then packaged up so sweetly. If you have never visited Tina before please pop over and see her lovely Blog and visit her Etsy shop as well. Thank you Tina for such sweet items. Here is Tina's Blog address..... Enjoy...I know you will!!

Hope all of you are having a great monday!!

Love to all and God Bless each of you,


Romancing The Rose....

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I have been wanting to try making some paper roses and came up with this little accent on a sweet little tag. Some Rocket Red Gold ink and a gold leaf pen to accent it......Oh how Romantic!!!
Ooooh La La!!

Rainy day in Georgia....


I'm Getting Sentimental Over You........

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I love this old you remember it??
Thought I would post one of my Spring time tags with you today.
I have a few of these adorable little wooden eggs and thought I would embellish it with would never know it was just plain wood. The little leaf is real which I found in my yard one day...knew I would use it for something eventually, I even did a bit of sewing on the seam binding and hand stitched with some black thread on the card as well. I stamped "Once upon a time" on the seam binding as well as on the card. The button is made of Coconut shell.

Dear friends...I hope you all are having a wonderful day....and take a little time to be sentimental, you'll never know where it may lead you!!


A little help from my friends!

A little help from my friends!
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I took this picture in Warm Springs, Georgia one summer day and wanted to share it all with you. I think it is one of the sweetest things in nature I have ever seen. Don't you agree??
Happy Spring to All!!


Once upon a time in my garden in England....

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I wanted to share with you my friends a picture I took a few years ago when I lived in England. I had a green house and these lovely lillies would hibernate every winter and come spring they would start sprouting up through the soil in their pots and welcome Spring time back again.
I would sit there on my bench with comfy pillows and read a book,
or just sit and soak up the peacefulness in my little oasis that I had created for myself.

Delight in the day the Lord has given you!!


Irish Blessing

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell May the road rise up to meet you
May the wind always be at your back
May the sun shine warm upon your face
And rains fall softly upon your fields
And, until we meet again,
May God hold you in the palm of his hand.

In Memory of Joan Sadler
A very good friend to all

Home to Ireland

I looked down upon Ireland while the plane was making it's way towards England. It was early morning and Ireland was waking up...a green jewel surrounded by a blue sea. My heart felt a tug and love of a place I had never walked upon.....My grandmothers folks before me came from Ireland, the Burns, the Keenan's and the Price's. I pushed my nose to the little window and yearned to be walking down there on that hill I could see below me.  I wished to breath in the sweet fresh morning air...Oh maybe if I could take a step back into time and hear their lilting laughter and listen to the pipe and the drum...and smell the stew and bread baking...
and be "home" in Ireland.... If only.


The Birthday Basket

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Tomorrow I will be taking my girl friend out to lunch for her birthday.  I have been busy tonight putting the finishing touches on her basket of presents. The Garden Girl Journal is wrapped up in the sweet tea towel, the Recipe box is wrapped up as well. I tucked some seed packets in the journal pockets I had made inside of her journal. I found the sweetest little ceramic bird and a small tin watering can that I glued a sweet spring time sticker to the front of it. The fininshing touch is a lovely pink ribbon rose corsage that I made for her that she may wear tomorrow and for Easter as well!
Thought I would share this with you my Dear Friends...

Delight in the Day!!!


From Trash to Treasure

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell You never know what you can cook up in your imagination.
I was about to throw away my next empty International foods Coffee
can when I thought there had to be another use for it.
So this little can and a few of it's friends has been sitting in my craft room for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday I was thinking of one more gift to give to my neighbor next door for her birthday when my eye's wandered over to those poor coffee was one of those Ta Da moments, ya know...thay happen every few centuries... anyway I was thinking well she loves to garden and the Garden Girl journal I have posted here is nice but...something else....well she loves to cook so looking at the can I took it's lid off turned it over looked inside and thought... ummmm recipes...I have four kitchen magnets....put some cute paper on it...a bit of rick rack....a little message on the top...scoured my recipes...(for small recipe cards).....punched a hole in the co…

The Lovely Lady's Journal

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I love how this journal came out. I can't help but picture this lady as
a bit mysterious, a bit of an adventurer...She will write in her journal of her hearts delights as well as of her dashed hopes...but, do you see...look deep into those eye's and you know she will always pull through...somehow!!

Delight in the Day!!

Sweet Ribbon Roses

Sweet Ribbon roses
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I visited Marietta this morning over at "Sweet Old Vintage".
She has a wonderful tutorial for making ribbon roses. There
are many ways to make these beautiful roses but Marietta makes it so easy and fast!! I had a lot of fun making these...The possibilities are endless for embellishing just about anything.

Have a Glorious Day Dear Friends

"Spring Dresses"

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Made these cute tags this morning. Sometimes I feel that I have been born at the wrong time. I would love to have had dresses like these, although the corsets would not be very comfortable!
Oh fiddle de de....What to wear???

Well it's tea time now and jeans will have to do!!

Have a Glorious Wednesday Dear Friends!!

Sweet vintage Easter Post Card

Sweet vintage Easter Post Card
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I found this sweet little Easter post card in an antique shop this past weekend. The post mark says 1913. I love Mr Brown Bunny handing Miss Fancy Chic a bouquet of flowers. You can't make it out but there is a lovely sheen on his purple coat, hat and flowers and also on the lace of her dress. Thought I would share this with you,

Savannah Magnolia

Savannah Magnolia
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell My husband and I go over to Savannah Ga. every chance we get.
Strolling through the many town squares is lovely. Shopping at the Paris Market is a treat for all those who love books, lovely papers, silver charms, beautiful scented soups, sea shells, and chocolate!
I have not been to Paula Deans restaurant yet but her Uncle Bubbas Oyster House is great! If you go to Uncle Bubbas sit outside in the back, you will have a wonderful view of the waterways that leads over to Tybee Island. Tybee is a great place to go to the beach for the day and many wonderful places to stay along with cute cottages to stay in for a few days or a week.
I could go on but I think you get the picture. Have a great day my firends. Love to all, Susan