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My "Pink River Flowers" painting and another use...

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Last summer I did some paintings and two of them I had done in acrylics, one of which you see here. I was in a flowery, summery mood that day so there really is no rhyme or reason to this painting. I was just having some fun!!
I had made copies of the paintings and so today I was sending out a present and it needed a little gift card so I thought part of my painting would make a cute little card...Viola!!
I cut some white card stock out and then layered it with some pink card stock and then layed the image on top of that I then accented it with a blue gel pen that matches the little flower.

Well thats it!!! I hope you ALL have a Glorious Day !!

Love with Bunches of Flowers,


By the Sea... By the Sea... By the Beautiful Sea....

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Hello Dear Blogging Buddies,

I am working on a collage which features my grandmother Elsa and my grandfather August, (3rd in from the right) when they were dressed in their very modest bathing suits!! Oh how I love these pictures and putting the collage together is so much fun!! The pictures were taken on Long island and the year is around 1915. I wanted to show you a little glimpse of what I have been up to lately. I squeezed these few elements on my scanner so you can see it. I will take a picture of the finished product upon completion to show you.

I hope this finds you All having a very good day!!

Love and Hugs,


Another side of Me and my Art

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Hello dear blogging buddies!!!

I am in love with art in it's many forms...I seem to jump to different mediums....If you have been following me for a while you may already know that!! Sometimes I feel there are different artists inside of me and sometimes one makes itself very clear that it must Paint...or the other one must Sew.....or this one loves to do Collages and Doodle a bit!!
Soooo do not worry!!! I do not have multiple personalities...I just like to mix it up sometimes!!! :D

Tell me what you think about this ok? Feedback is a great thing!!

Love, Light and Laughter to ALL,


A Shabby Garden share

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Hello Dear Blogging Friends

I am working on a new project and thought I would share part of
it with all of you. The end result I will reveal to all of you very soon.

Today is very hot here in Georgia and not very good for being out doors
so I am in my craft room busy creating.

I hope that all of you are enjoying this day and doing something wonderful!!

Love and Blessings,


Introducing "Jennifer Arndt's Original Creations"

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I have known Jennifer Arndt for a few years now. I first met her on E-bay and started buying her lovely works of art. Jennifer now sells her items on Etsy. Over the years she has branched out from making lovely Art Collages to mixed media Journals and whimsical stuffed fugures. My home has been blessed with her art work and I felt that I must tell you my dear friends out here in Blogland about her and her
beautiful creations. Jennifer also does custom work , last summer she made me an art journal that I could paint in and adorned the cover with adorable whimsical Dragonflys. Jennifer also makes lovely handmade jewelry and made this wonderful Seaside necklace complete with my favorite Dragonfly!!

Please visit this lovely lady's shop at ""
I know you will fall in love with her artistic style. Jen is having
a 25% sale going on right now on her adorable polymar clay Cocoon Dolls and Art mirrors. One of my favori…

Coffee Hut Journal

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I made this cute journal for my son Ed. He loves his coffee and loves to go sit at the various coffee huts and do a bit of writing. I thought he would like to have this little journal to jot down some ideas for his song writing and ideas that may pop up for his books. He is writing four different books, so to keep them all in order in his mind this little coffee hut journal is just the thing!!

Love, Kindness and Peace to All,


And Freedom Was Born.......

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell This is our Flag.....Men have fought for our Flag. Men have died for our Flag. Men have lost everything for our Flag. Did you know that
many of the men that signed our Declaration of Independance
lost their lives, lost their wealth, their homes and lands for our free country. They believed in our "United States".....UNITED WE STAND and DIVIDED WE FALL. On this day while commemorating our flag
we must not forget the men and women who have stood proud and tall, and saw a better from tyranny, free to think, to feel, to say out loud that we are AMERICANS....ONE NATION UNDER GOD....FOR LIBERTY.....FOR JUSTICE......FOR ALL. We must never
also forget our young men and women who are fighting for freedom in other lands right now. We love them and pray for all of them and their safe return back home again.

If you get a chance to read the book by Paul Harvey ...

Beautiful Azaleas in Savannah GA. and some thoughts about the upcoming weekend!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Hello my Dear Friends!!

My prayer is that All of you will have a Wonderful Weekend filled with Love, Peace and Great company. Some of you will be attending weddings, or a special dinner or puttering in your Garden, others will be shopping for that special summer dress or that cute pair of sandals you have been thinking about All week!!
Others will be looking for the perfect vintage piece of lace....others will be relaxing and just going with the flow whatever that turns out to be. Wherever this weekend takes you have fun and smile!!

With Love and Peace to All,


A Gift from the Heart

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Dear Friends,,

I wanted to share with all of you a gift I received from my friend Jan over at Laughing Dog Arts. She sent me this lovely gift the other day, Jan had hand sewn all the beads and fibres onto this lovely brown velvet fabric. I was in shock when I opened the package to find this wonderfult gift from her. A while back she had sent me a couple of CD's that I was interested in and so I thought I would send her some beads that I had as a little thankyou for the music.
She touched me with her generosity of spriit and her talent is stunning. Please go visit her at
You will love her blog!!.

I wanted also to thank you all of you who have become followers of mine. I see I have a few more recently and I just wanted to say WELCOME!!! Also I noticed that I have over 80 posts now and so I would like to have my first Giveaway when I reach 100!!! Yippeee!

Love, Smiles and Lots of Hugs to you All!!!


"All Friends Are Priceless."....Items from my Swap Friend!!

Last month I joined my first Swap. Linda from a "Swap for All Seasons" puts together great swaps for each season. We are given a swap buddy and then we contact our buddy to find out from each other our
favorite color, our hobbies and things we love. My swap buddy was Mary from JMP Pastimes. I could
not have been given a better buddy! Mary picked out such wonderful gifts for me and each one is a treasure I will cherish forever, she even gave me some extra goodies!!  Mary's husband also spoiled me rotten and gave me a gift too.

So here are some pictures of what my wonderful Buddy Mary sent to me and pictures of goofy me!!! 

My Somthing new....Mmmm what could it be??

My Somethig New.... Is a Handmade Pin Cushion made by Mary just for me!!
I had been searching for an unusual pin cushion for sometime....well my hunt is over....This beautiful Pear is made beautifully. LOVE IT!!!

Somethig Old.... is a lovely silver napkin ring with a silver bow and tucked in the middle was a go…

I won the "Something Blue Giveaway" !!

something blue giveaway
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell A month ago I had signed up for a swap over at "A Swap For All Seasons".
It was my first swap and I was given a swap buddy and we had to first find a vintage wedding photo, and then something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. So we had a month to get our goodies together for our swap buddies. I have to tell you I had a blast looking for just the right items that my swap buddy would like....hope she likes them!! We sent out our package to our swap buddies by June 1st.
Well linda who organizes the swaps for us had a giveaway for each of the catagories and boy was I surprised when I learned that I won the something blue giveaway!!
So here is a picture of the goodies that are coming...I can't wait!!

Have a Happy Day to All!!


Prayers and a Baby Girl on the Way...

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell My oldest son Andy and his wife Dawn found out last week that their baby will be a girl. We have all been praying that all goes well this time,
as they lost their daughter a year and a half ago six weeks before she was due on Christmas eve. It was a very hard time because they had tried three times to become pregnant and with the Fragile X complications to make it worse. With Fragile X if it is a boy the chances are very slim for a normal life. Boys have physical as well as mental disabilities where as girls who have Fragile X can go undetected as my daughter in-law was till she had a blood test when they were trying to get pregnant a couple of years ago.
So this is great news and PLEASE say some prayers that this little girl will be healthy and that all will go well!! It has been such a heartbreaking trial these past two years and they want a baby so badly.
Just before they found out they were pregnant they had finished up the last of the paper work…