Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Love of Painting.....A gift for Mom

Hello Dear Friends!!
I am hoping YOU are having a good day!!

I wanted to share with you today a painting I did for my Mother when she was leaving Denver, Colorado a few years back to come and live with us here in Georgia. There is
a bit of glare in the pictures....so you may see me taking pictures..lol!

I was busy preparing her room for her and wanted her to feel right at home. My husband had left for Denver to help her clear out her apartment and fly back to Georgia with Mom.
I had a few days to myself...which was just what I needed to paint her a picture for her room.
I really did not have an idea what I was going to paint. I thought well I will paint a sky with some
clouds in it and go from there.
Soon I could imagine an ocean
with waves and maybe a little storm brewing...
I could picture the sun setting and a lavender hue in the distance.

I pictured a beach with some waves coming in...

I pictured these things in my mind as I painted and
I hoped that my Mom would like it!

When I showed my Mom what I had
painted just for her....She said to me
" I always wanted a picture of the ocean"
Did you really paint that?

She was pleased....

As you can see I am not a pro at this but my love for painting does not distract me from

See what you can do....If you have never painted before...you never know what
hidden talents you may have. 

Paint for fun and don't worry if you think it is not good...
  As they say Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!!  

 Love  to You All!!