Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Blissfull ATC Swap for February...Our Theme was "LOVE" .......

Dear Friends,

First let me thank All
of you who had sent get
well wishes for my Mom.
She is not coughing near
as much today so thats
a very good sign!!
I am feeling better too
so thank you again!

This is the ATC that
I made for my swap buddy
for February.

I thought I would iron
the little girl transfer
onto some silk fabric,
which worked out well.
I then made a little quilt
sandwich with some
batting and thin cotton
for the backing.
I  then sewed all the way
around and also added
some ruched pink
ribbon around the border.
I then attached the
little puffy picture bundle
to a pink satin background.
I added a couple of
embellishments too.

I also made a little ATC
Fabric book holder.
I has inside a couple of
pockets for little love
notes and the other side
to hold the ATC!!                                                     

I think it's all so cute!
Nicole my partner likes it as well.
I will share Nicole's ATC
when I receive it.

I hope you all are keeping
warm, safe and healthy!!

All of You are