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My Phoenix Arizona trip....

Hi sweet friends,

I returned from Arizona this past Monday and
so I am posting some pictures of my visit with you.

I stayed with my husbands Mom and Dad in Phoenix AZ. Mom and Dad bought a home right on the golf course just a few months ago after selling their home in Colorado. Dad plays golf about three times a week and is happy as a clam....did you ever wonder how happy a clam could be? Lol
 Can you believe there is a doves nest up in this Palm tree? Well there is. Mr and Mrs Dove wove some palm fronds and have quite a high rise condo up there!! I have never seen baby Doves before have you??

This is Mom and Dads backyard!! every morning I would take my coffee and sit here in the chaise lounge and...just relax...Ahhhh!

This is Mom and I getting ready to leave for a ladies luncheon!!  The weather was just perfect!!

 Here I am at the pool....This is the "cold "pool" felt good though!!!

 I wanted to be there for Mom's birthday again this year. Mom made a homema…