Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Phoenix Arizona trip....

 Hi sweet friends,

I returned from Arizona this past Monday and
so I am posting some pictures of my visit with you.

I stayed with my husbands Mom and Dad in Phoenix AZ. Mom and Dad bought a home right on the golf course just a few months ago after selling their home in Colorado. Dad plays golf about three times a week and is happy as a clam....did you ever wonder how happy a clam could be? Lol
 Can you believe there is a doves nest up in this Palm tree? Well there is. Mr and Mrs Dove wove some palm fronds and have quite a high rise condo up there!! I have never seen baby Doves before have you??

This is Mom and Dads backyard!! every morning I would take my coffee and sit here in the chaise lounge and...just relax...Ahhhh!

This is Mom and I getting ready to leave for a ladies luncheon!!  The weather was just perfect!!

 Here I am at the pool....This is the "cold "pool" felt good though!!!

 I wanted to be there for Mom's birthday again this year. Mom made a homemade Blueberry pie and a a Cherry Cheesecake too!  I had to have a slice of both....too yummy!!!! :)
 This is "Andy" the very large Rag Doll kitty. Andy is 11 years old and loves living a life of relaxation...all the time!!!  Lol

 Here I am with Mom and Dad after we had our dinner at the Cottonwood club!! It was Fish night!!

 I thought I would show you some of the beautiful flowers and plants I came across while in AZ.

Cactus of course is everywhere in this arid region. There are so many varieties of Cactus too.

This cute little fella was sooo cute!! He came right up to me and smiled for the picture too!!!

Well my friends that's all for now! I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of my pics from AZ.

On my next post I will show you the wonderful Antique Mall I visited and I will be highlighting A wonderful gal and her booth!!!

Love and Blessings to All,