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Island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I have traveled to the Canary Islands a couple of times and will never forget the strange and unique landscape there. The soil is black and course and the sand is also black but of finer grain. The volcano is "sleeping:. We took a bus ride up to the top of Timinfya one day. There is a restaurant on the top and a gift shop too. In the front of the restaurant is a huge round grill and on that grill they cook the fresh fish that is caught that day from the ocean below. The heat from that grill is supplied by the "sleeping volcano" Timinfya!! On September 1st 1730 Timinfya erupted and 21 villages were obliterated, it stopped April16th. 1736, a Spanish priest on the Island recorded it in his journal.  On the road leading to the Volcano on either side are petrified lava fields, no trees, no plants, no bird calls, just the sound of the wind and a few cars that go by.
Closer to the ocean there are towns that have lovely Hotels and wonde…