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My Irish Heritage.......

Top O' the Mornin To Ye....

I'de like to wish you All a very
Happy St. Patricks Day!!

I am proud to say that I am 1/2 Irish
on my fathers side of the family.
My fathers mothers family came from
northern Ireland and ventured
across the Atlantic to America in
the 1800's.

This collage page you see here
is actually a piece I did with the "Artfull
Gathering" class I was in with Nancy
James Maxwell last summer. We were
to create a book and a keepsake box
to keep the finished book in.

This lovely young lady was my fathers
sister, my Aunt Julia. The little line across
her forehead is actually a little curl she
would do with her hair. This picture of her
was from a newspaper article for a beauty
contest for "Miss Bronx"!! Julia entered many
beauty contests and eventually became a dancer
in New York City with the Gertrude Hoffman
dancers and danced on Broadway. In 1925
after a show they did called "A Night in Paris",
the whole dancing troupe boarded a …