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Working on Mothers Day Gifts......

Hello Dear Friends.....

I have been working on some
Mothers Day gifts today and
wanted to share this Sweet
Rose necklace I just finished.

If you saw the 2010 December
issue of "Jeanne D'arc" magazine
there was a spread about beautiful
necklaces made with laces and ribbons
tied together and used instead of a metal chain.
I thought this technique would be
so soft and romantic used on
my  "Sweet Rose"

Is this cute or what??

Love and Peace....


A Wonderful "Mothers Day Vintage Brooch Swap"

Hello Dear Friends,

I recently took part in another great swap hosted my Linda from A Swap For All Seasons. Our theme this time was
a "Mothers Day Vintage Swap Brooch".
We were to pick out a vintage Brooch  for our partner which
had to be older than 1970. We could then make something to display the Brooch.

I was able to find this lovely Brooch dated around the 1940's. It was called a "Ruff" pin which was named ruff because it would be attached to the top of a cascade of ruffles or lace on a womens high collar of a dress. It says Austria on the back with beautiful Austrian crystals.
I made a cute little pillow and added a blue crochet heart for the brooch to sit upon.

My swap partner was Kathy and she gave me a gorgeous Brooch with beautiful lavender stones. There is a loop in which Kathy attached three lovely charms to it. Kathy also included three clothes pins wrapped with yummy ribbons!
I had so much fun with this swap and had a wonderful swap partner!!

Please go visit Kathy here..... 

I'm Back From Arizona.....

Hi Dear Friends,
I hope all of you are doing well and that you had a wonderful Easter!!
I wanted to share some pictures of my visit to Arizona.
The picture to the right was taken Easter Sunday at my in-laws church. My in-laws are the most wonderful folks you ever want to meet and I am one lucky daughter-in-law to have them in my life!!!!

I went swimming.... 
Mom and Dads front yard...the weather was fantastic....not too hot yet and the air was so lovely and dry. Dreamy Creamy cupcakes......I took this picture for You!!! Mom's birthday was Friday the 22nd. so this is her opening her birthday cards and gifts. Yes here I am and "My Truck"...ha ha ha nope not my truck but it is me on front of the most AWESOME Antique Mall!! I really could have used this truck to cart home all the loot I found but did not buy too much because you have to pay so much for each bag you check in for your flight!! I bought small stuff though!
This is "Andy" the most laid back kitty in the world!! He i…

I'm Packing Up All My Cares And Woes.....

Hello Dear Friends,

Well thats it....I'm out'a here.....
Gone in a flash....Adios Amigos,
See ya later.....I'm Leaving on
a Jet Plane....La la la

So you ask where am I going??

Well dear friends I'm leaving
tomorrow morning for
Arizona. I will be visiting my
wonderful in-laws for 8 days.
We have been planning this trip
since last summer.

I was holding my breath because
of my Mom when she fell...but
by the grace of God and all
your prayers Mom is doing really
well. Mom will have plenty
of help too. My poor hubby
can't go because of work.

Ahhh to be spoiled rotten is
a wonderful thing....I love
my in-laws so much and they
love me....tis a rare and
wonderful thing indeed!!
sunshine, swimming pool,
ahhhh...a tan..need a tan

I'm packed and ready!!

I will be in the Pheonix area.
I have never been there before
so should be fun!!

I will take loads of pictures
of...umm... stuff that I!

Love to YOU All!

Ciao Bella


Please Say Some Prayers For My Mom.....and a free Image for you :)

Hi Dear Friends,

I just wanted to tell you that
my Mom took a fall last night
in her bedroom. She is alright
but pretty sore. No bones broken
but at 91 yrs. old it is a shock
to the system. The extra strength
Tylenol and rest and TLC is helping
quite a bit. She is walking better now
this afternoon than this A.M.

I believe in the power of prayer
and I ask you All to say a prayer
that she will heal and recover very soon.

I had this picture in my stash from
Dover so please download it
if you would like to
as it is copyright free!

I wish you all the best with my Love,


A Little Home Under Construction............

Dear Friends.....I am working on a cute house book. There are 8 pages inside to decorate....I painted the cute little birds and the flowers with acrylic paint and added some touches of lace for their wings. Each page will have a different theme. When finished it is sturdy enough to stand up for display.

Wishing you All a Tweet Day!! Love to All, Susan

Romancing in Purple "Cuff"

Hi Dear Friends,
Just wanted to share this sweet little cuff that I made for a special family member recently.
She loves purple and magenta so I wanted to make something with her favorite colors in mind. I love making cuffs so much. I think the juxtaposition
between wearable art and that one of a kind piece that no one else is wearing is what
I like the most about
fabric cuffs.
The rose colored fabric under the ribbon rose is pure is so delicate and so very soft. The pearls are a lovely dusty rose like the ribbon. The cuff is made with cream lace and a cream grograin ribbon. It has a velcro closure attached.
This picture does not pay it's much prettier in person.
Well my dears I am hoping that all of you are enjoying a very lovely Saturday.
Love to All,

The Blissfull ATC Swap...Theme "SteamPunk"

Hello Everyone!!

I am soooo excited to receive not One but Two ATC's from my dear swap buddy "Tee" Theresa.
Upon openingthe envelope
I read  Tee's note to me that
she could not make up her mind
which one to send to me so
she sent both!! "Wow" that was
so sweet of you Tee thank you
so very much!!
Tee and I were rather hesitant
in making our first Steampunk ATC's as we were really not too sure if our efforts would be up to par. Well Tee I think you really have aced both ATC's they are wonderful!!                                                                                                                     This one is sooooo cool!!!!

I love this one with the mannequin and wings...don't you? Thank you Tee so much!! Please go visit Tee at her Blog I have been putting together a large basket of flowers for my back patio...thought you would like to see some of these pretty colors. It's such a nice sunny day here!!
Love to…

Springing Into Action....

Hi Dear Friends,

I thought I would share with you some
Butterfly images that I got from
Dover....I love these Butterflies
with all the beautiful colors
don't you? Copyright free of course!!

I have been busy lately with two
swaps I joined. I entered
A Swap For All Seasons in
which we are swapping Vintage
Brooches with our partners. I
am so excited about this one.
I found out who my swap buddy
is so now I can get to work on

I also entered the Blissfull
ATC swap as well and the
theme for this month is SteamPunk!
I am really excited about this swap
as well. There are different views
on Steampunk and I like the Victorian
edge to it with a little quirkyness
attached to it. I can't wait to share
my ATC with all of you along with
my partners when we have exchanged
them with each other!!

I wish you All a great

I am praying for all of you
who are affected by the bad
storms in the midwest
down to the gulf area.
We will also be having
some high winds and hail
here later…