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Troubled Waters.....Feeling Down and Needing Prayers....

As many of you know I have been trying to plan a trip to go see my family back east. So far we
had a pretty bad ice/snow storm down here in Ga. last week. My husband and I were going
to try again this week. Yesterday after church
I received a call from my oldest son....that
my daughter-in-law and little Lucia would not
be available when we were going to be there to see her.....also, some more bad news that I can't disclose here right now. I will have to wait till probably towards the end of February
now maybe...because my husband will be tied up
with work as well. There is more stuff.....but,
again I can't say anything at this point in time.

It is so very hard to be far away from your family.
When you have grandchildren they grow so fast
and so many things you miss out on. Pictures
are great but there is nothing like holding
them and hearing them and being close.

If I told you all the things I have gone through
over the years with family you would probably
wonder how I have ever kep…