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One Beautiful Heart....And....A Giveaway Coming Up Soon!!!

Hi Sweet Friends,

I was tickled pink when I found out
that this lovely decorative
heart plate was sold the other
day at the booth.
This beautiful plate was made in Italy.
The sweet Cherubs stand out
amongst this gorgeous lacy
background. I also love
the textural quality of it as well.
When I found this piece
my heart skipped a beat as
I instantly fell in love with it!!
I hope the person that
purchased it will enjoy it very much!
I think it would look lovely on a
plate stand on top of a mantle
for Valentines Day...

In today's market it is a bit tough
to price things. Everyone wants a
bargain, and why not!!
For most of us our purse strings are
tighter because of an unknown economy.
The items I am selling right now are all
affordable. As a buyer and seller I
feel very comfortable knowing there
are quality items to be had out there.
If you take a little extra time to look
and explore you can find some
wonderful things for your home!!
I Love exploring don't
you? :)

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