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Alice In Wonderland Ephemera from Michele

Hi to All!

Have you ever asked for something and someone went over and beyond
your wildest dreams?? Well it happened to me and I will tell you how it
all began.
Michele from her "Something Special blog" had posted some time back on her blog about Alice in Wonderland tags and I thought that I would like to makea tag or two on Alice. So I hunted for any Alice ephemera I could find but I just did not find much out there, so I came back to Michele and told her my dilemma and asked if she could steer me in the right direction. Sweet Michele said that she would send me some Alice things in the mail. Well that dear lady was good to her word and sent me a "few" things....oh my oh my.... I posted all the goodies here that she bestowed upon me!!  I have no excuse now but to make an Alice tag ...or an Alice book, well the imagination is spinning out of control!!  One of the nicest items were pictures she copied from an old vintage Alice book her Mom had had when she was a girl.  The …