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Pictures of my visit with Family in New Jersey

Hello Dear Friends,

Wanted to share with you all
some pictures of my family
in New Jersey.

This is my wonderful grandson
John. He is in first grade and will
turn 7 in July. He is a wonderful fun
loving little boy and very sweet.
He was picking flowers for me
in his front yard. When he was a little
guy he once picked a Buttercup for me
and I still have it.

This is John's brother Kaden my second grandson!!
Kaden will be 5 in July. He is so beautiful and sweet.
I wanted to just scoop him up and hug him all the time!!

Here we are playing in the playground next to their house.

Resting in the shade together!!
Whoo Hoo I hit a ball that Kaden had thrown to me!! Here I am with Andy and Dana and Me with my other son Ed on the left. We had breakfast together one morning!
John and Kaden teaching Grandma some very important moves with their Wii game!! Dinner I made last night I was there. Ed and his fiance' Kristin and her little girl Piper on the left.
Friends Nicole and Brian top of picture…

I'm Flying Away to See My Family.....and other Tid Bits!!

Hello Dear Friends,

I am leaving bright and early
tomorrow morning to fly up
to New Jersey to see my
famliy! I'm already packed
except for bathroom stuff.

I wanted to share my latest
sewing project with you.
I made this quilted bag
for a special friend of
mine in New Jersey. I am hoping she will
like it as much as I
loved putting it together
for her!!

Another picture of
Little Miss Daisy.
What a living doll she is. She is quite the little diva! This AM she got up on my vanity stool to have a look in my Lighted magnified makeup mirror, and she rubbed the edge of it with her chin upon inspection of her beautiful self!! Too funny!!!
Enjoy a Beautiful Weekend!

God Bless
All of You!!


Please Welcome Little Miss "Daisy" ......A New Member of the Family!!!!

Hi Dear Friends,
Guess what???
I have a brand new kitty!!!!!

Last night my husband and I took a drive to see a lady about a kitty!! Dottie raises "Persian" kitties and has 6 in her home. Dottie needed to let go of
two of her
was Amber and one was Daisy!
We had seen Amber's photo on
Craigs List and thought she was
the cats meow. Dottie had
raised Amber and Daisy...they are
2 1/2 year old sisters. They
were both in a pen in the livingroom
when we arrived so we could visit
with them. Well Daisy and I hit it off from
the start and I fell for this cute
little ball of fur real hard!

This morning Daisy and I
were playing and so I wanted
to take some pictures to show
you this little cutie pie.

I still miss my Sam so much
he will always live in my heart. I think Sam would have approved of little Miss Daisy...don't you think so too??
Love to you All,
Susan and Daisy!

Mr. Squirly Squirrel and other stuff.....

Hello Dear Friends!!

This little fellow found a way to get all goodies!! He was so determined to get the bird seed and succeeded!! This is the first year we had a very determined squirrel to accomplish this feat!!
It is a chilly cloudy day oh yes and a bit windy as well.

I really do not have much to write about today....I am actually getting ready for my visit to New Jersey to my family. Not sure what the weather will have in store I only know I don't have to worry about snow storms this time!!
I made a few more things for the shop and brought them over this past Saturday. My friend Terry who owns the shop said that everyone loves the items and some ladies were very interested in the cuff's as we shall see!!

I will probably not write to you all till I return towards the end of next week. So I wish you all Love, and God's Blessings in All that you do!!
See you soon, Susan xxoo
Beautiful Roses...they smell so lovely too!!! 

A new "Victorian Day Bag" for the Shop.....and other Tid Bits!

Hello Dear Friends,
I feel like this is Deja vu.
I posted this yesterday and for some they saw it and for others it never showed up nor did it
show up in my completed Blog list so I am doing this again today.
I am still tweaking this cute tapestry bag...I think I will put
some vintage buttons along the top of the fringe embellishment. What do you think??

I have been busy with my oldest son
deciding when I should fly up to
 New Jersey and finally we have
a date so next Saturday I will be
flying out to see my sons and grand
children. YAY!! It's about time right?
I have been trying to get up there since last

Well I'm exhausted from the day...not                                  
feeling too well at the moment.
Wishing you All Love and a wonderful weekend too!!

This Peony is just Gorgeous!!!

A sweet Rose Cuff for the shop as well! Not a very good picture though....

"Happy Mother's Day".... and my "Vintage Swap Brooch Picture"....

Happy Mother's Day to All
My Dear Friends!!

I hope your Mother's Day was
a lovely one with Love and Laughter
and Family.

My husband took me to lunch
at the Olive Garden...Yummy!!

We also took a walk through
"Bulloch Hall" in Roswell after
lunch and took some pictures
in the lovely Garden area.
Bulloch Hall was once home
to Theodore Rosevelt's
mother "Mittie". A very
beautiful mansion dating
back 172 years ago.

Here is the Gorgeous Brooch
that I am wearing from
my swap partner Kathy.
Our theme for May was
to buy a vintage brooch
for our swap partner
and to wear it on Mother's
Day and post a picture of it.
Isn't it just stunning??

Love You All!!



Bulluch Hall Garden area.

I am Soooo Excited......Two Shops Want To Sell My Items!!!!

Hi Dear Friends...
I have been quite busy lately...because
I have been making things for a shop here in Georgia and one in Arizona!!
WHOOO HOOO!! Who would have thought...????

I have my favorite shops
and one of them is a great little fabric
shop that I frequent from time to time.                                                                                    Romance in Paris Clutch
This time I had asked her if she had any left over scrap material that she would sell to me...well to my delight she had a whole sack full of gorgeous pieces. I told her that a shop in Arizona liked one of my cuff bracelets I wore and would like to sell some of them for her Tea Room...Whooo Hooo!! Well to make a lobg story short the shop here also wants me to make things to sell in her shop.....I am so delighted so I have been a busy girl getting things made for both shops.                                                                                              I made some cute clutch purses....some cuffs and some s…