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A Collage Made for A Friend......

Hi Dear Friends....

I have been absent from Blogland
for soooo long! I have missed you
very much!!!

I can not believe that this is the last
day of summer...where did it go???
For me summer was spent at the
Physical Therapy office.
In some ways I have improved,
in other ways I have not. I will probably
keep going for awhile longer. I started
in June and now we are going into
October. I must say the weather here
in Georgia has cooled off a bit...whew
I can not take the hot hot summers
here at all!! Too hot for me!

I wanted to share a collage I have just
finished making for a dear friend of mine.
Her birthday was a couple of weeks ago.
But between her and my schedule's we
have been unable to find the time to
meet up. Nevertheless I made this
just for her! She loves the soft greens,
golds, tans, and pinks. So I am hoping
 that she will like it!!!

How are All of you doing?? Please drop

me a note and let me know you are still
reading my blog....since i do not blog
as may h…