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This is what it's ALL about!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Happy Easter everyone....Thank you Dear Heavenly Father for sacrificing your Son to save us.....Thank you.

Love and Peace to All


Kreativ Blogger Award

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I received The Kreative Blogger Award from my friend Jan. her blog is
@ Please stop by her blog and scroll through her wonderful Art work. Jan is an inspiration to me, she makes fibre art creations that are so beautiful and thought provoking.
Thank you dear Jan for being so gracious in extending this award to me,
what a compliment indeed. Sometimes I think what would anybody see in what I have to make or say, but, I have learned something here in blogland that it's more than what we make it's who we are and how we treat each other with respect, kindness and generosity of spirit.

Please visit Jan and you will find a good friend indeed!!

Love to all,