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Merry Christmas from my home to your's...

Hello dear Friends...

I hope all of you enjoyed a wonderful
heart warming Christmas.

Beautiful Angel Wings made by
Dawn Edmundson, that I gave as a gift to my mother!!

Picture of me...wearing a Heart necklace
from one of my sons and his family.

Wishing all of you a Blessed New Year
with Love Happiness and Health.

May God be with you Always



The Scottish Highland Games at Stone Mountain, GA.

Hello Sweet Friends,

I wanted to share with you an event that my
husband an I have attended for the last 5 years
Both my husband and myself come from Scottish
decent. We love to visit the highland Games when they come to the beautiful Stone Montain
Park, out side of Atlanta.
this year was the Highland Games 40th. anniversary at  Stone Mountain Park!
  This is the famous Stone Mountain. there is a beautiful carving on the side of Robert E. Lee and General Sherman.

 While you stroll through the many Clan booths and wares people are selling, you can find a booth where you can purchase a beautiful costume. I love this picture so much of the elderly lady adjusting the beautiful costume
for the young lady, as the mother looks on!

 I always have to stop by my clans booth to visit this lovely couple. The husband is a Mac Dougall, My maiden name is McDowell and so we come from the same cThe bagpipes always sound wonderful to me. At the end of the show, the bands come out on the parade …

What I Have Been Up To Lately??

Hi Sweet Fiends!!

I hope All of you are enjoying some cooler
weather, now that we are coming into Fall.
I know some of you are still have some rather
hot weather though.

I have been pretty busy lately making different
I made this beautiful Satin flower cuff bracelet
recently, for a friend of mine, who loves pink!

 I wrapped the cuff around this vintage jewelry
roll. There are tiny accordion pockets that
expand and a larger zippered compartment.
I put little charms, crystal drops, a watch face,
and other little trinkets in each pocket for her

To the right is where I keep some of my ribbons
and trims! Little fabric books..etc!
 My newest Indian Maiden bag was a Birthday gift to a cherished friend of mine. Marilyn loves the Native Americans so much. She was so excited about the cowgirl bags and Indian Maiden bags I was making, to Help the Lokota Indians in S. Dakota, so I knew just the present to gift her with!!!
 This was a little stuffed doll that my friend had made. It…

KC Willis Big Rez News!!!

My dear Blog friends your help is needed!!!!!

Please scroll down and go visit KC Willis's blog.
Read what miracles are happening on the "Rez"!!

If you have been following me, you know that I make and sell handbags, and part of the sales go
to help The beautiful people of the Pine Ridge Reservation In South Dakota.

KC has some Big news and has asked us to pass this on to our
Blogging friends.

Please won't you join me in helping KC help the

KC and I Thank you!!

God Bless All

A Collage Made for A Friend......

Hi Dear Friends....

I have been absent from Blogland
for soooo long! I have missed you
very much!!!

I can not believe that this is the last
day of summer...where did it go???
For me summer was spent at the
Physical Therapy office.
In some ways I have improved,
in other ways I have not. I will probably
keep going for awhile longer. I started
in June and now we are going into
October. I must say the weather here
in Georgia has cooled off a bit...whew
I can not take the hot hot summers
here at all!! Too hot for me!

I wanted to share a collage I have just
finished making for a dear friend of mine.
Her birthday was a couple of weeks ago.
But between her and my schedule's we
have been unable to find the time to
meet up. Nevertheless I made this
just for her! She loves the soft greens,
golds, tans, and pinks. So I am hoping
 that she will like it!!!

How are All of you doing?? Please drop

me a note and let me know you are still
reading my blog....since i do not blog
as may h…

My New Fall Hat...And A New Indian Maiden Bag!

Hi Sweet Friends...

Soooo I have been missing in action for quite a while now. Please excuse my lateness in blogging. I am still going to Physical Therapy for my hip, leg, and back. I do feel better...but I can't over do it!!

This is me wearing my new hat!!! Vicki Boster was making some Fall hats and so I purchased one from her recently. I just received it in the mail today and so I had to try it on!!!! OMG....Lovin my new Hat!! Vicki is amazing at creating such works of art with her knitting needles. I have purchased wonderful nests she has created over the last few years...but, when she made these hat 's...I Had to have one!!! :)

This is my newest Indian Maiden bag...but I did not sell it, I made it for a special friend of mine Marilyn, who's birthday was August 17th. Marilyn loves the Native Americans and loves the bags I have been making.  I thought that I would gift her with one of my creations!!!! She LOVED the bag!!Yay!!!�������������������������������������������…

Twice Paying it Forward.......with Love!

Hi Sweet Friends,

I am hoping you are All doing well dear friends!!

Lately I have been busy making another one of my bags for someone who contacted me on  Facebook recently.  She wanted to give her friend one of my bags to help her in her fight with Cancer. I was so honored to make this for her dear friend.

As I sewed each stitch and placed each embellishment on the bag, I prayed that this sweet woman would beat her cancer and once again enjoy her life to the fullest in good Health and Happiness. As many of you know I send part of the money I recieve to go to KC Willis in her journey to help the Lakota Indians on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota.
This bag as My friend so eloquently put it is like "Passing it Forward Twice" to help her friend and then also to help the Lakota people.
Do you notice the little hand I attached here.......I attached it to the bag as a symbol of people helping and praying for those who are in matter of the need....That the…

Suziqu's 600th Follower Giveaway!

Hello dear friends..              I just wanted to let you know one of my favorite Bloggers is having a wonderful giveaway to celebrate her 600 followers.     Please click on her link here to enter!!!

My Crazy Quilt purse and Flowers....

Hi Friends,

I wanted to show you the progress I am making with my crazy quilt accessory purse I am making with the class at Artful Gathering this summer.

I attached the clasp with beads, but still have to do
the back of the clasp. I love that I added the beaded
fringe on the bottom of the bag. It matches so well!

This is the first time I ever made anything like this.
I was a bit nervous about making this, but glad I pushed
myself to take on the challenge.
 I will also add a silver chain at the top of the clasp, as ther are two little holes on either side for that purpose.

I took some closeup shots of the floral arrangement my family had sent to me.

 I loved how the dappled light of the sun shown through the blinds upon the flowers and leaves.

Nature is a symphony directed by it's creator.

I wish you All a wonderful day with Love and Kindness
Susan xxoo

It's My Birthday!!!

Hi Sweeties!!

Hope you all are doing well!!

I wanted to share some photos of my birthday
with you all.

I had a wonderful day and evening!!

Gifts from my family!!

My family sent me some wonderful fruit
and chocolate..........oh how good  this is!!

I also recived some gorgeous flowers!!

A wonderful dinner with my hubby
at Red Lobster!!! 

And a sweet dessert that our waitress brought over for me with one candle!!

                                                          Live your life to the fullest
                                                                   is a Blessing!

                                                                 May God Bless you!!



A Lazy Sunday Afternoon..........

Hi There!!!

I hope your Monday is going smoothly!

I am taking it easy today. My physical therapy
was this morning and left me feeling so tired all
day....not sleeping does not help either!!

 I wanted to share a few photos with you today.

Just around the corner from my home is a small
farm. The folks that live there own three horses, which are males. We think they are brothers.
They are the sweetest guys. So friendly and affectionate! We sometimes bring some carrots
with us, but this time we had none to give.

Aren't they beautiful!!!!

 Where we live in Georgia, we have had some rain almost every week this summer so far.

I wish I could send some of this to the middle
of our country, where the grain farms and livestock need it so very badly.

I wish you All Happiness and good Health!!
Love and Blessings
Susan xxoo

Crazy Quilt Stitches and Physical Therapy......

Hi Dear Friends......... 
 I have been pretty busy lately with my Physiacl therapy session three to four times per week and also working on my class project over at Artful Gathering in Pat Winters Crazy Quilt session.

 I have been learning some new stitches...The Lazy Daisy stitch! The Feather stitch and the Herringbone stitch.

I also have been learning to make ribbon roses with a needle and some gorgeou silk ribbons.

My stitches are rather "wonky" but I am having fun, and really thats what it is all about, right?
 I decided to turn a couple of would be flowers into tiny fan shapes....I love how they turned out!!

I have a long way to go and will be adding quite a bit of ribbon flowers next!! So stay tuned I will be back!!!!!

Thank you to all of you who have been saying prayers for me and all my pain. The PT sessions are really helping me and so for the next two months I will be going and getting better everyday!!!

God is Good!!!

Love to All and God Bless You.....


Crazy Quilt Class....

Hi Sweeties!!!        

I hope all of you are doing well!!

I have been very busy lately.
I started a class this week with
Artful Gathering in Pat Winters
class. I am learing how to Crazy
Quilt!!! Yay!! I have always wanted
to learn how to make a crazy quilt
and now I am learning how!!
The pictures here is the front of
what is going to be an Accessory
Case, with clasp. Yesterday I learned
how to piece. I wanted to show you
my results.  The next step is to learn
some of the fancy stitching and embellishing

I am almost done making the 160
"Wish" tags for a wedding thats
coming up at the end of the month.

As some of you know I have started
physical therapy for my hip, leg and
back pain. I go three times a week
for different treatments. Today I
had my third Decompression therapy.
It did not go too well for me this time.
I have to ice my back and take it easy
The mass they found inside my knee
turned out to be a calcification...from
some trauma I must have…

More Goat Farm Pictures and Wedding Tags to make

Hi Sweeties....

I had a few more Goat Farm pictures to
share with you.....Hope you will enjoy!!

A Rose from my garden...just for you :)

I lady who visits my booth regularly loves all the tags I make for items that I am selling. Her daughter is getting married the end of July and so they have asked me to make 160 tags for the "Wish Tree"   On the back of each tag I make, their guests will write their favorite Bible verse for the new couple. I feel so honored to be asked. These four tags were sent as samples to the Mom and Daughter. The tags will be slightly different than these...but I wanted to share them with you.

I wish you All a Wonderful day filled with Gods Blessings and Love Abundant.
Susan XXOO