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A Lazy Sunday Afternoon..........

Hi There!!!

I hope your Monday is going smoothly!

I am taking it easy today. My physical therapy
was this morning and left me feeling so tired all
day....not sleeping does not help either!!

 I wanted to share a few photos with you today.

Just around the corner from my home is a small
farm. The folks that live there own three horses, which are males. We think they are brothers.
They are the sweetest guys. So friendly and affectionate! We sometimes bring some carrots
with us, but this time we had none to give.

Aren't they beautiful!!!!

 Where we live in Georgia, we have had some rain almost every week this summer so far.

I wish I could send some of this to the middle
of our country, where the grain farms and livestock need it so very badly.

I wish you All Happiness and good Health!!
Love and Blessings
Susan xxoo