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My New Fall Hat...And A New Indian Maiden Bag!

Hi Sweet Friends...

Soooo I have been missing in action for quite a while now. Please excuse my lateness in blogging. I am still going to Physical Therapy for my hip, leg, and back. I do feel better...but I can't over do it!!

This is me wearing my new hat!!! Vicki Boster was making some Fall hats and so I purchased one from her recently. I just received it in the mail today and so I had to try it on!!!! OMG....Lovin my new Hat!! Vicki is amazing at creating such works of art with her knitting needles. I have purchased wonderful nests she has created over the last few years...but, when she made these hat 's...I Had to have one!!! :)

This is my newest Indian Maiden bag...but I did not sell it, I made it for a special friend of mine Marilyn, who's birthday was August 17th. Marilyn loves the Native Americans and loves the bags I have been making.  I thought that I would gift her with one of my creations!!!! She LOVED the bag!!Yay!!!�������������������������������������������…