Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The "Cowgirl Bag"...Series "3" !!!

Hi Sweet Friends.... I hope you all are doing well on this Tuesday!! We have been getting quite a bit of rain for the past few days here in Georgia , but it makes everything look so beautiful and green, and of course the flowers love all the moisture!!   Here is another "Cowgirl" bag I finished. This bag is the third in a series of bags. As some of you may know I am selling these bags for a great cause. My friend KC Willis is donating her time and resources for the great Lakota people on the Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. I am helping in her effort by making some OOAK bags by donating part of my proceeds to give to KC to help the Lakota Indians.        
The picture you see here on the bag is of Clamaity Jane. She was quite the sharpe shooter in her day, rivaled many a man with her shooting skills.   I am really loving making these bags....I have already sold the first two bags. Jan bought the first "Cowgirl" bag from me!! The second bag, the Indian Maiden bag I have already sold where I have a booth at the Antique mall in Roswell, Ga.

 My next bag will be another "Indian Maiden" bag. I visited Jo-Ann's fabric store recently and the lovely creamy fabric I use on my bags was for sale...50% off!!! I was so excited!!! This fabric is gorgeous and usually sells for almost $50.00 a yard!!!
So here "Calamity Jane" will sit...hoping that someone  will take her home!!!

I had my MRI with contrast done yesterday. It went ok..although it was over two hours long and the contrast was injected into my groin area...which they numbed first. The Dr is suspecting a tear in that area and also tendon problems around the hip....so I go see my Orthopedic Dr. this coming Friday to find out the results!!!  I am hoping "this time" that what is bothering me will show up on the MRI and then we will know what needs to be done to get rid of this pain I have been having!!!!  I am praying hard and please include me in your prayers as well dear friends!!

Love and Blessings to you All