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Hi Friends!!! My Giveaway Ends Wednesday at Midnight!!

Hello Dear Friends!!!

If you have not signed up for my
Giveaway yet now is your chance for
it will be closing as of Wednesday the
24th. of August at midnight EST.

I have been so busy with so many
things as of late. My mother was in
the hospital last Tuesday evening for
a leg condition for Cellulitis. Her legs
became swollen, red and hard. She
was given antibiotics by IV drip.
I have been taking care of her needs
and happy to say the swelling in her
legs has gone down quite a bit!!

My online art class with the Artful
Gathering is winding down now.
I am working on my keepsake box
at the moment and hope to finish it
by the end of the week. The class
with Nancy Maxwell James has been
delightful. I have learned so much and
will incorporate many new techniques
I have learned in my future projects!

Scroll down to my Giveaway post
and sign up!!

I will see you back here on
Wednesday the 25th. with
the name of the winner!!

Love and Blessings to you All