"Spring Dresses"

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Made these cute tags this morning. Sometimes I feel that I have been born at the wrong time. I would love to have had dresses like these, although the corsets would not be very comfortable!
Oh fiddle de de....What to wear???

Well it's tea time now and jeans will have to do!!

Have a Glorious Wednesday Dear Friends!!


  1. Hello Susan How are you? I see you have been busy since we last visited...love your post especially what you have been making...good for you!
    So you live close enough to Savannah to visit a lot...that is one town I am going to see before I leave this ole world so now I have someone that can show me around...Right!
    I really appreciate the story from and you and Brendas was wonderful too. Great start with you two girls and my next one will be too. She has already sent it to me but not sure when I will post it. One day soon
    Take care and love

  2. Thank you for popping by to say hello!! You have a lovely blog!! I love these tags too, they are gorgeous!!!


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