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Hello Dear Friends!!

I am hoping that your
Wednesday is going well!!

Did you know that if you
seperated the word get

I stumbled upon this
yesterday while watching
a Tv show....I caught it
out of the corner of my eye
and was not sure if they
had meant it to look that
way or was it my crazy
eye's seeing things again.
In any event I really loved
what I saw or thought I saw
and it got me thinking....
uh oh there I go thinking
again as my husband puts it!! I think
we are all trying to do various
things with our art and if we only
would "try" Art wow what a
wonderful world opens up for us.
We discover ourselves...we find we
can do something that we never
knew we were capable of doing.
The possibilities are as endless
as our own imagination and inspiration.

ART IS TRY.......Love it!!!

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