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Patsy Has Some New Booties!!

Hi Dear Friends,

Hoping you are enjoying this
glorious day!!

My Mom who lives with me and hubby
has a Patsy doll. My Mom will be 92 in
February and when she was a little girl
in the 1920's a doll came out called Patsy!
My mother wanted a Patsy doll so much
but never was given one. I remember through
the years my mom would tell me her sad story
how much she had wanted Patsy and that her
friend Norma across the street had one with
lots of clothes. Ahh well years later ummmm like
80 plus years later....I looked up Patsy Dolls and
found a lady who sold them. This little Patsy is a
newer Patsy doll of course but is an authentic
Patsy never the less.  I bought Patsy for my Mom
about 4 years ago. Mom was sooo surprised and
happy to finally have her!!
The little blue coat I made for Patsy about three
years ago with wool felt. I think it came out so cute
for her. My friend Lynn Cliburn from makes beautiful
crochet items which I have bought quite a few
items from…

Our Most Precious Gift Of All.....

"Merry Christmas to All"

                                                             From Our Home to Yours

Lil Me With Santa!!

Hi Sweet  Friends,

Do you have one of these pictures
of yourself with Santa when you were
young?? What memories can you conjure
up with your photos from the past....?

 This picture was taken of me when
I was living in Miami Fla. I think
I was around 6 years old here..
many moons ago! :)

My mother had a very vivid imagination
and would tell me all about Santa and his
elves. I truly believed in Jolly old
St. Nicholas back then. I always had a
few things I wanted to tell him like I had
been a good girl all year and that I wanted a certain
doll or toy or game. I remember one year
I received a toy dishes set with small size
silver ware to match. I had a small square
table in my bedroom and I would arrange
all my little chairs around it with all my dolls
sitting there waiting to be served.
Our last Christmas in Florida I received
The Three Bears....they came in a cute
card board house...Papa bear was about
three feet high and Mama bear a bit smaller
an baby bear was so cute. I loved tho…

Christmas Time and Miss Daisy

Hi Dear Friends,

I don't know about you but this
Christmas my energy level is so low.
I have been trying to get things
accomplished but I seem to go in
slow motion.

Miss Daisy my little Persian kitty
looks like she is a bit many things
twinkling, and blinking!! She is such a sweetie
and loves to sit under the Christmas tree..I think
she thinks it's her newest toy!!!! :)

I am working on some cute little
Yoyo pins with my ribbon roses
and a touch of lace. There is a
little crystal in the center of the rose.
When completed will be mailed out
to a dear family member.  
                                                         Peaceful Christmas Wishes

Twelve Days Of Christmas......

Hello Dear Friends,

What a wonderful time of year....

There are projects to finish up, gifts
to wrap, cards to write and cookies
to make.
My hubby and I trimmed our tree last
night and today I am putting the finishing
touches of Christmas around the house.
This morning I trimmed the little tree for
our kitchen. My Mom sits there to have her
breakfast and lunch and it is nice to have her
enjoy the little tree and figurines that she loves
to look at.

I created a couple of tins with the help of
Nancy Maxwell James tutorials that she is
doing for us. I had so much fun making these
adorable tins!! They are so easy to make and
to give to some special people in your life as well.
 Please visit Nancy over at

This is our cute little kitchen Christmas tree...:)

Wishing you All Joy and Blessings,

Love to All,


Our Thanksgiving Family Trip

Hi Dear Friends

This is my new little granddaughter Amy Catherine and her half sister Piper!!

Kaden my dear grandson is 5yrs old!!

I was able to go to John's school for Grandparents day while I was there. John and I had a wonderful time! this is one of John's friends Matthew!!

John, Kaden and I are playing!!!

My oldest son Andy with his fiance" Dana...Thanks Giving Day!!

                  John and his classmates did a skit called "The Night Before Thanks Giving!! :))
Hubby and I walked around New York one day!
Chilly and a bit rainy...but we had fun anyway!!!

Me in Times Square!!

Hubby and I went to see the Christmas show at Radio City Music Hall in the evening!! What a Great show it was!!!!!!  

Wishing you All a Beautiful Holiday Season!!

God Bless You All!!!!

Love to All,


My Beautiful Grandson John......

Hi Sweet Friends....

Just a quick note and picture of
my dear grandson John and me!!

My husband and I took a week to go
visit my family in New Jersey.
We had the most wonderful time!!
We just returned home tonight.

I have soooo much more to show you
but had to quickly show this picture of John and
me...We had a BLAST!!!!




The Love of Journal Making.......and other Tid Bits :)

Hi Sweet Friends,

I just wanted to share a few things
I have been working on for the

I have been making some
journals and could not wait
to show you a couple of my

I have named this journal
"Love of Vivaldi." The composer.
The image I copied onto some ink jet
fabric and layered it upon some lovely
sheet music paper I bought from
The Paper Source! ( I Love that store)!
The tatting around the woman's head
is from an old tattered hankie.
I wanted to create something similar to
the large beautiful Lace collars woman
wore in the Elizabethan era..

This journal is a bit more on the whimsey
side. the paper is again from the Paper Source
shop. This one is so vibrant and fun to look at.

These are more items that will be going into
a friends booth at my favorite Antique Mall!!

The journal in the middle was made for a gentleman.
It is all about travel and old fashioned stamps on the
inside covers.

I thought you would like to see what I
have been up to lately!!

A Cute Potpourri Pod Ornament...

Hi Sweet Friends,

You know the bags of potpourri you can buy
in the stores with all the large pods
and odd wooden pieces....Well
I had an idea!!!!

Why not decorate them for the Holidays!!

This "Pod" for lack of a better word
was from a package of potpourii
I bought last year.   It was already
painted gold and so all I did was take
some moss and evergreen bits from a
New Hampshire Potpourri mix I bought
recently, add a little pine cone, a berry from
a silk floral bouquet, some glitter cause I love
glitter, and last but not least I added this sweet
little gold bird, (that I had stashed away to do
something with...someday!!)
I also made a little hole thru the top to 
pull the ribbon through.


A sweet little ornament to decorate your tree or hang
in front of a window.

Look and see what you may have in your home
that you could recycle into something new and pretty!!

I have some more odd shaped bits from the
potpourri mix and will se…

A Few Workshop Creations.....

Hi Sweet Friends....

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend
so far!!

I have been busy making some cute
little Christmas items and thought I
would share a few of them with you.

Do you like my little "Forest World"??
I am making some for Christmas to
give as gifts!! :)

 I am also making some cute tags to go on presents.....

Love this one!!!

 Wishing you All a Beautiful Sun Shiny Day!!

Love To All,


Meet My New Grand daughter!! Miss Amy Catherine

Hello Dear Friends!!

With much anticipation and
delight I announce the birth
of my newest little granddaughter

        "Amy Catherine"

Amy was born today at 11:40 AM
 She was 7lbs, and 20 in long.

We are planning a trip up to New Jersey
soon to see the family!!   So many more
pictures will be taken then!!

                                                                                                                                                         This is my lovely Daughter-in-law
Kristin and her beautiful daughter Piper!                            
My son Eddie has blue eye's
too so little Amy no doubt
will have blue eye's as well!

Love to All,
Grandma Susan :)

Grandsons Are Great Blessings!!!!

Hello Dear Friends,

Hope all is going well in your
neck of the woods this Thursday.

These are my two grandsons
John 7yrs. on the left and Kaden
his brother who is 5yrs.

John is in the second grade and
is such a lively and loving little
boy. He is a very good student

Kaden is always ready to laugh
and have fun. He loves to dance
and is very good at reading.

Missing them so very much!!

Love to All,

Grandma Susan

Our First Trick-Or-Treater...Little Gavin the Bear!!

Oh I just had to share my first little
Trick-0r-Treater with All of you!!!

This is "Gavin's" first time


Got to go...door bell ringing!!


A Happy Halloween To All!!!


            Stirring and Stirring

                 our Brooms


           Stirring and Stirring

                our Brooms








                BOOOOOOOOO  :)


Spooky Hugs,


Beautiful Close Up Photo's........

Hello Sweet Friends,

I thought I would share my favorite
pictures with you from the Country 
Living Fair.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!

Wishing you All a Blessed Weekend!!                             Susan xxooo

A Magical Time At "The Country Living Fair" Stone Mountain, GA.

Hi Dearest Friends,

My husband and I attended the
Country Living Fair this past weekend.
What a wonderful time we had visiting
all the different booths set up so
I knew my friend Krys Kirkpatrick
would be there and so I had to say
hello to her. Krys comes all the way from
Washington state. We are standing by her
booth in the "Earth Angels" tent. Krys
is an artist among with many other
highly creative ladies with the Earth Angels.
Please go visit Krys here to discover her
wonderful and unique drawings and soft
cuddly bunnies too!! :)

I must say that "most" of my pictures were taken with permission by the owners! Unless
I could not locate them!! Some had said "Thank you for asking me first"!!! So glad I did!

This was a lovely booth by
Cheryl and Sally of
the "Romantic Farmhouse"
I bought a few lovely items
from them....even the most
gorgeous little girls dress
for my newest little grand