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Will You Have A HeArt of Mine???? Thank you to All 10 winners!!! xxoo

Hello Dear Friends,

I learned how to make little
crochet hearts yesterday and
I can't remember who had the
tutorial on her blog at the moment.
If anyone remembers who it
was please let me know

As I have been making these lovely
little hearts I thought of an idea.....
Ok so here it is...ready??

The "First 10 Followers" of mine
I will send Each of You one of my little
hearts and also I will include
a mystery gift as well, ok?
Oh and let me know if you
want a "Ribbon Heart" or
a "Yarn Heart" as well!

So all you have to do is
be an "Existing Follower"
of mine and be one of
the "Ten" who write to
me First ok??

Get ready... get set go......;)

Loving thoughts to All!


Little Blue Bird, A Pillow and my Love of Little Plates and Old Buttons.......

Dear Friends,

I have been busy making a "Mug Mat" this week. I entered a swap over at Donna's Blog! Please click onto the picture on my side bar for more info!! There is still time to join this great swap which is open till February 1st.!
As a few of you might know I love to draw and paint. I made this little Blue bird with Oil Pastels and pencil. I would like to make a series of birds for a nature journal this year. I will post a different bird as I go along throughout the year to show you my progress. I am self taught and not an expert by any means. I just love doing it thats all.
I also wanted to share this darling little pillow with you...(which I did not make). I found it at my favorite Antique Mall and think it is just so adorable!! Don't you? The key is vintage as well as the fabrics.
One of my obsessions is collecting small plates, saucers, etc. I found these lovely little plates last weekend. The one with the raised blue flowers is rather hefty in weight and is felted on the bottom, it is meant…

"Bonjour Madam"...A Funny Story!!!

Hello to All,

I am hoping your
Friday is going
well for you!!

I have been puttering
around my craft studio
and decided to make
some cards. I have
been making cards
since I was a little
girl. I use to write
to my grandmother
Elsa who lived in
New York. She
and I wrote to each
other for many years.
Both of us saved
each others letters
and before she passed
away she had sent me
all my little cards,
letters and drawings
back to me. I had
to laugh because
when I was very little
I would write and draw
very very big...and when
I was about age 12 to 14
years old...I wrote so
little that you almost
needed a microscope
to read my handwriting.
Poor Grandma would
write to me and say
please write BIGGER!!!

I wanted to share my
cute little French card
with you all today. I made
this late last night and did
a little sewing on it today!!

I was in France once.....
in "Charles Degaull Airport".
At the time I was living
in England and I wanted
to go visit my sons in New my ex…

Heartfelt Thanks and Busy Hands.......

Hello Dear Friends!!

I wanted to thank All of
you for your healing words
of kindness and your Prayers.

I awoke this morning with
a calm peace in my heart
and feel much better.
The situations have not
really changed...nor
are they known to me
at this point in time.
I will trust in the Lord
in All that I do although
at times I may cry out
to him....well it's alright
there are reasons and
good ones too, for on the sidelines
work is being done to settle
all situations in the most
perfect timing...His timing!!

I am puttering around my craft
room today, looking through
my buttons, and threads and
being forever grateful for
all things that come my

Life is a forever learning
process and I am grateful
to be here to learn as much
as I possibly can.

Love You All,


Troubled Waters.....Feeling Down and Needing Prayers....

As many of you know I have been trying to plan a trip to go see my family back east. So far we
had a pretty bad ice/snow storm down here in Ga. last week. My husband and I were going
to try again this week. Yesterday after church
I received a call from my oldest son....that
my daughter-in-law and little Lucia would not
be available when we were going to be there to see her.....also, some more bad news that I can't disclose here right now. I will have to wait till probably towards the end of February
now maybe...because my husband will be tied up
with work as well. There is more stuff.....but,
again I can't say anything at this point in time.

It is so very hard to be far away from your family.
When you have grandchildren they grow so fast
and so many things you miss out on. Pictures
are great but there is nothing like holding
them and hearing them and being close.

If I told you all the things I have gone through
over the years with family you would probably
wonder how I have ever kep…

Blissful ATC Swap January theme Snow/White..... A Lovely ATC From My Partner Jane!!

Hello Friends,

I received in the mail today
the ATC from Jane Wetzel
my Swap buddy for January.

I wish my camera could
pick up all the detail in this
lovely creation that Jane made.
The word Exquisite is probably
the only word in our language
that can describe it!!

I think both our lovely
"Snow Girls" look perfect
together...what do you

 Whisper soft doth snow flakes
fall...gently doth the winds that
call winters song
a miracle.   

  author: sjm

A Little Pillow With Lots Of LOVE!!!

Hi Dear Friends,

I have had Hearts and Love on my mind for a few weeks now and knew I had to make something to satisfy this need to express it creatively.

I made this little pillow to fill this need to express my LOVE to my Family to my Friends to Everyone all over the world.
All of these little red buttons form a heart shape. They need each other to be able to show LOVE just as we need each other to be able to express our LOVE.
Show a little more LOVE to All whom You may meet... You never know they may really need it more than you realize!!

Susan xxoo

Blissful ATC Swap..... Theme White/Snow......Trip cancelled due to bad weather!!

Hello Dear Friends!!

I wanted to share with all
of you the newest ATC
I made for the Blissful
ATC Swap for January.
The theme this month
was "White/Snow"!!
I never thought "how"
apropo this theme would
turn out to be!!

I used Glitter Sheets by
Petaloo for the background
which I affixed to a
blank ATC card.
The next layer was the
beautiful little girl
Next layer I scattered
some dimensional
snowflake stickers from
the EK Success Boutique
The next layer I used
over those three layers
was a Hand silk-screened
clear transparent sheet
called "Frosty Snowflakes"
on top of the layers.

I used Clear Gel Tacky
Glue as my adhesive
for the multiple layers.

I also added some trim
between the two bottom
layers to act as a frame
around the outside edges.
I also scallop cut some of the
white glitter paper to add a
small frame to the edges
of the transparensy and little
flat back pearls for each corner.

My wonderful swap partner
Jane Wetzel received my ATC

Hunkering Down for A Long Winters Eve....and some other thoughts

Hello Sweet Friends,

Here in Georgia we are
bracing ourselves for a
pretty severe Snow/Ice
storm heading our way
sometime this evening.

My husband and I have
been scurrying around
town getting salt crystals
to scatter and De-icer for
the car. Filled the car up
with plenty of gas too.
My husband works about an
hour away from our home
and so is not relishing the
drive into work in the morning
like many other Atlantan's!!

I went over to Jo-Ann's to buy
a few odds and ends this afternoon
that I needed to complete some
craft projects with as well.
Of course I had to buy another
magazine...this time it was
"Romantic Homes". My all time
favorite one for many years
is "Victoria Bliss" which I have collected
for over 14 years now.

The picture I posted tonight is the
quilt I am finishing up for my sweet
little granddaughter Lucia....sigh...
I'm totally in love with her.
The quilt I am making for her
is called a "Vintage baby quilt"
It is made up o…

Winner of The Last Giveaway In 2010 Is Announced!!!

Hello to All!!

I want to thank All of
You who entered this
fun Giveaway!!

I had my Mom pick the
winner and.........

The winner is...

  " T-Zel"

Congratulations to the
Winner and if You
would send me your
address I will get it
all in the mail tomorrow
to send it to you!!!

Thank you All so much
who have entered
and I appreciate you so
very much!!!

Blessings to All!!!

Back to sewing more for
my little Grand daughter!!!


Lucia and things her Grandma made for her.....

Hi Dear Friends,
Thought I would share with all of you the newest picture of Little Miss Lucia Love tonight.
I had just finished the little pillow I made for her when my son sent me and e-mail with this beautiful picture of Lucia....I finally can see her beautiful eye's!!

I made the little pillow to match the blanket I made for her....ahhh she looks too cute!!
Well Tootles to you All!!
I will be announcing the winner of my Give-away tomorrow.

Pleasant Dreams Lucia..Zzzzzz
Love from Grandma Susan xxxooo

Blanket I made for my Grand daughter and My Giveaway ending tomorrow!

Hello Dear Friends,                                                  

I have been missing from
Blogland for a few days
because I am finishing up
on some projects for my
new Grand daughter
Lucia. She was born
the day after Thanks
giving 2010. My hubby and
I are driving to N.J.
next week to see Lucia
my two Grandsons
and the rest of my family.

On the quilt you will
see four fabric hearts                                                 
I have also made for
Lucia. The biggest
one I embroidered
her name onto.
I use to embroider
quite a bit in my
youth but now
with my eye problems
I have difficulty. I wanted
to embroider her first
and middle name but
could only manage Lucia! What do you
think..does it look

The Fleece/Flannel
blanket I made was
so much fun to make.
I had some practice
a couple of years ago
as I had made some for
my two Grandsons.
I have to tell you
though, making
one in pink was
a delight....I love
pink very much!!

I also have a quilt
that needs some