Friday, September 24, 2010

Meet Mr Pumpkin.....He Has A Secret Identity......

Good Day To All,

YAY...It's Friday!!!

I have to share with all of
you a Cute little fellow
who has been quite a Stir
in this household recently.

I was busy creating
something...not sure
exactly what....I knew
it had to be orange and
cute....well I worked on it
went to bed...and woke up
to find a very Handsome
little fellow sitting on
my work table with a
big grin and a secret...
He told me to Lift off
his Hat...I thought it
to be a strange request
but I thought it wise to
help Him out.....

Yes... it was true, He was
no mild mannered Pumpkin
he had a Mission and He
would follow it through
till the end.....Yikes
underneath His smart
little Hat he was
Mr. Pincushion!!!
How clever He thought He was
and I have to agree...I thought
so too!!!

Happy Warm Hugs to All!!