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Hunkering Down for A Long Winters Eve....and some other thoughts

Hello Sweet Friends,

Here in Georgia we are
bracing ourselves for a
pretty severe Snow/Ice
storm heading our way
sometime this evening.

My husband and I have
been scurrying around
town getting salt crystals
to scatter and De-icer for
the car. Filled the car up
with plenty of gas too.
My husband works about an
hour away from our home
and so is not relishing the
drive into work in the morning
like many other Atlantan's!!

I went over to Jo-Ann's to buy
a few odds and ends this afternoon
that I needed to complete some
craft projects with as well.
Of course I had to buy another
magazine...this time it was
"Romantic Homes". My all time
favorite one for many years
is "Victoria Bliss" which I have collected
for over 14 years now.

The picture I posted tonight is the
quilt I am finishing up for my sweet
little granddaughter Lucia....sigh...
I'm totally in love with her.
The quilt I am making for her
is called a "Vintage baby quilt"
It is made up o…