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Heartfelt Thanks and Busy Hands.......

Hello Dear Friends!!

I wanted to thank All of
you for your healing words
of kindness and your Prayers.

I awoke this morning with
a calm peace in my heart
and feel much better.
The situations have not
really changed...nor
are they known to me
at this point in time.
I will trust in the Lord
in All that I do although
at times I may cry out
to him....well it's alright
there are reasons and
good ones too, for on the sidelines
work is being done to settle
all situations in the most
perfect timing...His timing!!

I am puttering around my craft
room today, looking through
my buttons, and threads and
being forever grateful for
all things that come my

Life is a forever learning
process and I am grateful
to be here to learn as much
as I possibly can.

Love You All,