Friday, May 25, 2012

The "Cow Girl and Indian Maiden" Handbags....

 Hi my Sweet Friends,

I wanted to share with you my next
handbag I have made for my booth.

As I mentioned in my last post
I am making handbags to sell
for a wonderful cause.
Many of you know KC Willis
and her wonderful Cow Girl
and American Indian collage's.

A few months ago I started following                                       
KC on Facebook and discovered she
was making trips in her car from Colorad
where she lives to Pine Ridge S. Dakota
to visit the Lakota Indian Reservation.
KC and many of her followers and friends
have been donating their time, resourses
and donations to help the Lokato help
themselves. KC and her husband have
driven thousands of miles with tuck loads
of clothing, house hold items, food. Just
about anything to help these beautiful
people to become self effecient.
Please go to my previous post and click
onto the link to read what KC has been
up to as of late.

I have also donated to her cause and received
a huge amount of material that KC has used
in her Art Retreats that she has done in the past.
KC has sold a lot of her personal art materials
and the money she has received she inturn
gives to the Pine Ridge Res.

I am designing and making handbags with
these materials from her stock to sell in my
booth at the antique mall. Part of my sales
will go straight to the Lokota fund KC has
set up.

Great news...Jan has bought
my very first bag!!  Thank you
so much Jan for helping out!!
I know you will love this bag!!

                                                           I want to wish All of you a Wonderful
                                                                          Memorial Day weekend!!!
                                                                   In honor of All the Veterans who
                                                                          have helped to make this
                                                                              world safer place!!!!
                                                                         May God Bless you All!!

                                                                                  Love to All,