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From Trash to Treasure

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell You never know what you can cook up in your imagination.
I was about to throw away my next empty International foods Coffee
can when I thought there had to be another use for it.
So this little can and a few of it's friends has been sitting in my craft room for a couple of weeks now. Yesterday I was thinking of one more gift to give to my neighbor next door for her birthday when my eye's wandered over to those poor coffee was one of those Ta Da moments, ya know...thay happen every few centuries... anyway I was thinking well she loves to garden and the Garden Girl journal I have posted here is nice but...something else....well she loves to cook so looking at the can I took it's lid off turned it over looked inside and thought... ummmm recipes...I have four kitchen magnets....put some cute paper on it...a bit of rick rack....a little message on the top...scoured my recipes...(for small recipe cards).....punched a hole in the co…