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A Peek at Something Special....and Lets Talk!!

Hi Dear Friends,

First I want to share with you a
little peek at something I am
making as a gift to someone!!

I am making it in all their favorite
colors...something I think they
will really love!! :)

So what have all of you been up to?
I have so many talented followers
out there. Some are painters, some
embroider, some love to collage
with fabrics, others collage with
papers. Jewelry makers, journal
There are so many mediums out
there in the art communities that
my head goes dizzy with so much
to look at. For instance Pinterest!
I "Pin" I like pinning...but after awhile
my head is spinning with so many
pictures...I must stop!! There are
all forms of addictions as we know
and I find I am becoming addicted
to looking at so much lately...ughh
I must resist the Force...hahaha
I do not want or need to keep
looking! So I'm going to pare
down my time spent...looking
at stuff and just
my Nook books which I have
about four novels open and
only parti…