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Snowing in the South

Well here it is "SNOWING" in Georgia!! What a beautiful sight out in my back yard. There was a big Owl sitting in one of the trees with the snow falling and the red cardinals were flying around the bird feeder in my neighbors yard,  they were so beautiful against the white snow. I took some pictures and will try to get them downloaded here on my blog soon.

Would love to hear some of your favorite snow stories from when you were little...
Mine is when I was nine years old my parents and I moved from Miami where I was born
out to Denver Co. I had never seen snow before. We drove from Fla. to Colorado and
we stopped over night in Colorado Springs. The very next morning we were getting up
and it had snowed over night. I went out and scooped up some snow and brought
some in the motel room and told my Mom wow this stuff is cold and my Mom said
what did you think snow was???...Duhhh all I had was a snow globe from my Grandmother
one year....and it never snowed in Miami soooo I su…