Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pictures of my visit with Family in New Jersey

 Hello Dear Friends,

Wanted to share with you all
some pictures of my family
in New Jersey.

This is my wonderful grandson
John. He is in first grade and will
turn 7 in July. He is a wonderful fun
loving little boy and very sweet.
He was picking flowers for me
in his front yard. When he was a little
guy he once picked a Buttercup for me
and I still have it.

This is John's brother Kaden my second grandson!!
Kaden will be 5 in July. He is so beautiful and sweet.
I wanted to just scoop him up and hug him all the time!!

Here we are playing in the playground next to their house.

Resting in the shade together!!

Whoo Hoo I hit a ball that Kaden had thrown to me!! 
Here I am with Andy and Dana and Me with my other son Ed on the left. We had breakfast together one morning!

John and Kaden teaching Grandma some very important moves with their Wii game!!
Dinner I made last night I was there. Ed and his fiance' Kristin and her little girl Piper on the left.
Friends Nicole and Brian top of picture and my son Andy and his girlfriend Dana on the right!

I had the greatest time and being there with everyone made me miss them even more if thats

Hot here in Atlanta today.

Whats new with All of you?? I have to go visit you All and see whats new!!

Love and God Bless