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My Blissfull ATC Swap for February...Our Theme was "LOVE" .......

Dear Friends,
First let me thank All of you who had sent get well wishes for my Mom. She is not coughing near as much today so thats a very good sign!! I am feeling better too so thank you again!
This is the ATC that
I made for my swap buddy
for February.

I thought I would iron the little girl transfer
onto some silk fabric,
which worked out well.
I then made a little quilt sandwich with some batting and thin cotton for the backing. I  then sewed all the way around and also added some ruched pink ribbon around the border. I then attached the little puffy picture bundle to a pink satin background. I added a couple of embellishments too.

I also made a little ATC Fabric book holder. I has inside a couple of pockets for little love notes and the other side to hold the ATC!!                                                     

I think it's all so cute! Nicole my partner likes it as well. I will share Nicole's ATC when I receive it.

Mom Said..... Would You Care For Some Cake??

Hello Friends,

Our neighbor came over
last night with some flowers
and a wonderful Chocolate
cake for Mom's birthday on
Sunday!! Look at this Cake!!
Well sick or no sick my mother
Ever since I can remember
she has loved it...and I
inherited the chocolate
gene as well. I think if
my Mom could eat chocolate
All the time she would.
She once told her church
group that she would not
go to Heaven if there was
no Chocolate there....I told
her that God probably has
something even better there
than chocolate...well that
really did not comfort her
too much!! Lol

Anyway if you were here
she said she would "share" some
with you. Believe me your
very lucky!!

Mom is still coughing but
not as much and more alert
than yesterday!
Me...well I'm hangin in there!

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers!


Love you All,

Susan and Grandma Helen

Lucia, Lucia....Oh how I love You!!!

Hello Dear Friends,

How are All of you today?

Well here is the latest picture
of my sweetie pie Lucia!!
Her Daddy took this picture
of her yesterday. She can
smile and laugh now too!
She is three months old now.
Do you see that DIMPLE???
Ha Ha how cute is that???

Another three weeks to
go and counting to see
this cute little person!!
Geez it's taking way too
long to see my first
grand daughter...ah well
till then I am putting
all her pictures all over the

Also my dear Mother
celebrated her Birthday
yesterday...she turned
91 yrs. Poor thing woke
up on her birthday and
caught the cold my
husband has had all last
week. She is ok I'm
doctoring her up and giving
her lots of TLC.

I think I'm getting it though

Love you all a bushel and
a peck!!!


A Wonderful Mug Mat Swap!!

Hello All!!
I want to share with all of you a swap I was in which was hosted by Donna of Brynwood Needles.
We were given a swap buddy and their favorite color was. My buddy was Karen of:
Karen has a great Blog.                                             She has two Rabbits, one is named Weasley and the other is Ginny. Karen makes fantastic quilts as well. Please go visit her and her cute Bunnies!

Karen not only made one Mug Mat but Two Mug Mats for me!! She said she could not decide which one to give to me
so she gave me both!! I feel
so spoiled!! I told her
I liked Pink!

Aren't they beautiful!!!

When I brought the box in
the house yesterday I heard
a noise coming from the box.
In my wild imagination I thought
oh maybe Karen sent me a Rabbit!!
So very carefully I peered inside and saw some nice soft gray was a bunny!!
He is so so cute!! I have named
him Mr. Bunny Bunn's. I gave
him a big hug and welcomed
him to my home and we are
the best of buds …

Valentine Tags...and The Power of Chocolate

Hi All!!

I thought I would share
some chocolate with
you...ummm I mean
the Valentine tags
I  made...sorry
but there is a shortage of
chocolate right now in
the house and well
I can't share....well
alright, but just a little!

Selfish girl that I am...
I just wanted to say
I Love You All!!

Enjoy your weekend
and if your going to do something romantic
let me know...well
like going to dinner?
Dancing? A quite
evening with Champagne
and yes your loved one too!!

I am too silly now so I will
just say......Enjoy your
weekend whatever
you will be doing!

Ciao Bella!!


A Beautiful Droplet made by Diane Knott....

Hello Friends!!                                                             

I wanted to share with all
of you what I received in the
mail today from Diane.
I ordered one of her
beautiful Droplets that
she made recently.

It is such a pretty creation.
I also received one of her
handmade Tea envelopes
with two flavored teas
inclosed. Diane also included
three of her handmade tags that say "Seek Joy"!!! Thank you Diane so much!!

Please stop over and visit
Diane and her daughter Holly.
Their etsy shop is on my sidebar.
Cottage By The Pond.
You can visit Diane also
on her blog at :

Wishing you all a wonderful day!!!

Love and Light,


Playing with Hearts....Instant Sweetness!

Hi Dear Friends,

I am still crocheting little hearts!
I finally visited a yarn shop here in my hometown this past Saturday. It is called the Whole Nine Yarns!! He he cute name huh?
Anyway I was walking around and saw this lovely shade of pink
cotton crochet yarn.
If you can see it has little
sparkles mixed in the yarn as well.

I made the heart and thought what a lovely idea to incorporate it into jewelry! So I whipped out my silver necklace chaining and cut it to a length I would like to wear it,  attached a silver rhinestone heart to it and in the middle added a ribbon rose I made eons ago. 
Viola'...Instant sweetness!!
Hope you all are staying warm
and safe!!
Warm Hugs,
Susan xxoo

Token of Love for Mom....and feeling under the weather.

Hello Dear Friends,

I am hoping All of you are
staying warm and safe tonight.
We are gettting a lot of rain here in Georgia..."A rainy night in Georgia" as the song goes!!
I am feeling alot of pain tonight and will probably turn in early. When you have Fibro and Arthritis this sort of weather is not so good for aches and pains.

I made this little sachet pillow for my Mom...shhhh don't tell her ok??
Love to you All!