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A Peaceful Stillness In Your Soul.......

Hello Dear Friends,

I am hoping that All is well
in your part of the world today.

After a tumultuous day of bad
weather yesterday here in Georgia,
today we are having a beautiful calm
and sunny early spring day.
We had some very bad storms
here yesterday with sirens going
off and on because of Tornado
threats. I got my Mom in a safe
and secure place in the house and
gathered up medications and things
that were important and hunkerd
down. We prayed that all would
go well and  so it did,.
Thank You Lord.

We are still not feeling well. I now
have it full blown as well with
a lot of coughing. My husband is
still coughing a bit and Mom
seems to be slowly getting better too.
I feel like crap but praying
that it will pass quickly.
Hard to do anything right
now. I feel drained.

I have had this picture for
awhile now...and no it is
not my back yard...but it
would be nice if it was!!

I thought it would be lovely
for you all to look at and just
breath in some serenity and
calmness to your life…