Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sharing my Vintage Wedding Photo Story........

Hello All,
Hope your day is going super great!

I have been wanting to share with all of you a pillow and a lovely story that I had given to my swap buddy Mary when we did the Something New, Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something Blue swap over at "A Swap For All Seasons" this past June.
We also had to include a Vintage wedding photo as well. In my search to find "The" perfect vintage wedding photo my husband and I searched the suburbs of Atlanta and my search took me to one of my favorite antique shops in downtown Roswell. I had asked the ladies if they had any VWP and one lady said she thought they had one in the corner of the shop so she went over to find it, a few minutes later she said they must have sold it. My husband started looking in the same area and told me to come over to him and he pulled out this wonderful photo he said "will this do" ? Oh my, be still my beating heart! YES I said.
Later that evening I had said to my husband that there were names on the back of the photo and I being an avid Genealogist for the past 30 years  thought  I could probably find out who they are!
We had the name of the photographer in the Chicago area on the photot so we started to search. The date on the back of the photo said taken around 1905. We found the photographer, we found the couple who were married and also one of the couple's standing in back of them and we also traced them through the census where they lived and what the husband did for a living " he was a Butcher" and they even had a son. When the son was around 20 years old he was working for a law firm in Chicago and he was one of the men who arrested "Al Capone" "the first time"!!   If you can see in the picture the  lovely married couple are smiling and leaning into each other, in so many photos of that era people never smiled, but they were.
I wanted to pay a special tribute to this couple and made this lovely pillow. I used a beautiful vintage lace over muslin and attached a lovely vintage doily that I folded over to make a pocket in which I added the photo. I also made a paper fan out of  music sheet of the Wedding March song.. I included ribbons and pearls and made an ivory ribbon rose. I also included a few bits from my wedding and attached a cameo locket with a ribbon onto the rose. Before I mailed all of the items out to Mary I had made copies of the wedding photo and cut out the married couples faces for each side of the locket.
I had so much fun with my first swap and if you have never joined "A Swap For All Seasons" please do so.
A new swap is starting this coming Sunday, August 1st. so sign up for a wonderful experience!!

Love to All and Enjoy the coming Weekend!!