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My Keepsake Box for my Heritage Book.....Completed

Hi friends,

I hope that everyone has been
alright this past weekend with
hurricane Irene causing so much
destruction. My three sons and their
families have been affected by the flooding
and electricity being out. They are all managing
very well though.

I wanted to share my finished keepsake box
with you. I bought an unpainted wooden box
at Michaels. I used a walnut stain with
polyurethane. I added layers to create a beautiful
varnished finish. I stenciled a tree design using
gold stencil paint on the top of the box, and when
dried I added another coat of the stain.

The picture on the lid is a postcard of Wigtownshire, Scotland which is near the village where
where my great grandfather grew up. It is known as a "book" town as there were many bookmaker
shops there years ago.

I tried to give the box a distressed look about it.
Do you see the little owl? I love this little guy
and thought he would go well on the box!
The plain little wooden cross was also perfect
to represent t…

Hey....You're looking mighty cute! Wanna go get a Hamburger?

Hi Sweeties!!

Here is the newest picture of little
Miss Daisy! She loves to look at
herself in the mirror. Daisy use to
box with the kitty in the mirror
but these days she just sits there
and looks at herself for a bit.
Oh and yes Miss Daisy eats

My family lives up in New Jersey
and I am praying that they and everyone
else will heed the warnings and keep safe!
My oldest son and friends were going for
a week to the Jersey shore and had been planning
this trip for months. Well mother nature has
other plans in mind so not much to do about

Please join me in prayer for everyone on the
eastern seaboard that all will be safe with them and that
Irene will dissipate and if there has to be damage
that it will be minimal.

Love and Blessings to All


The Winner of my Giveaway Is..............

Hello Sweet Friends,

Thank you to everyone who signed
up for my 200th post and Birthday
Giveaway!! You are all such dear
ladies and I am so Blessed to get
to know all of you here in Blog
land. When I first started my blog
I had no idea what to expect...I only
wanted/needed to find like minded
women who love to create some beauty
in their lives and to share it with others.
I am so very happy I am here and get to
share with you and you with me the various
creative adventures of our lives together.

My Mom once again has picked out
the Winner of my Giveaway!! Thank you
Mom! ;)

In my abbreviated handwriting it reads....

# 20 "Krys Kirkpatrick"!!!!  Congratulations
Krys!!  I will be in touch with you to
get your mailing address soon!!

Thank you again My Friends
Love to All of You!!

Blessings, Love and Smiles,


Hi Friends!!! My Giveaway Ends Wednesday at Midnight!!

Hello Dear Friends!!!

If you have not signed up for my
Giveaway yet now is your chance for
it will be closing as of Wednesday the
24th. of August at midnight EST.

I have been so busy with so many
things as of late. My mother was in
the hospital last Tuesday evening for
a leg condition for Cellulitis. Her legs
became swollen, red and hard. She
was given antibiotics by IV drip.
I have been taking care of her needs
and happy to say the swelling in her
legs has gone down quite a bit!!

My online art class with the Artful
Gathering is winding down now.
I am working on my keepsake box
at the moment and hope to finish it
by the end of the week. The class
with Nancy Maxwell James has been
delightful. I have learned so much and
will incorporate many new techniques
I have learned in my future projects!

Scroll down to my Giveaway post
and sign up!!

I will see you back here on
Wednesday the 25th. with
the name of the winner!!

Love and Blessings to you All


I'm Having a Birthday and 200th+Post Giveway....So Let's Party!!!!!

Hi Dear Friends,
Are You ready to Party??
My Birthday is this coming Monday the August 8th. and along with my Birthday Celebration I wanted to celebrate my 214th posts with all of You as well!!!

I wanted to "Thank All of You" for following me and becoming such Wonderful Friends to me. All of you are so talented and such sweethearts that I wanted to give something back to You!.
Ha ha I just noticed...the thin black thing to the left of the picture is my's too hot to go back outside to take the pictures over again...hope you will forgive me??
So I am giving you two lovely little pictures that I actually bought last year for one of my Giveaway's and always forgot them ...sooo here they are and they are soooo sweet for your bedroom or bathroom, well I'm sure you will find a great place for them!!!
I have also made for you a Sweet Rose necklace...can you see it hanging to the left on the sooo sweet, like You are to me!!!
Then I am giving you a Vintage Perfume b…

More Artful Gathering pages for You and My New Giveaway Coming Soon!!

Hey Sweeties!!!
Hope you All are having a great week so far!!! It has been Hotter than heck down here in Hotlanta!!
So I am still busy with ny online art class and thought I would share a few more pages of my heritage book with you!! This is my Aunt Julia who was quite the beauty in her day. Julia was in various beauty pagents and also danced with the Gertrude Hoffman Girls in the 1920's. These two pages are a tribute to my Great Grandfather Peter who came from Scotland. Peter was born in 1850 and was raised on a farm in southwest Scotland and came to America in 1870. He was a maker of fine furntiture and became vice president of the Harlem River Lumber Co. for many years.
My online class given by Nancy Maxwell has been so enjoyable. I have learned alot in her class. I will be making the keepsake Box soon that my heritage book will be kept in.
Stay tuned to this Blog because I will be announcing my long overdue 200th. post and my Birthday Giveaway.....very very soon!!
Love and Blessings Susan x…