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Please pray for Maggie

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Hi fellow blog friends!

I wanted to let all of you know if you don't already that a fellow blogerette Maggie from "Just Between You and Me" had an accident yesterday at work. Maggie is recuperating at home and her daughter Christy is taking care of her.
She is one of the most wonderful, sincere and loving woman I have ever met and my prayers go out to her at this time.
Please pray for Maggie that she will recover soon from her bumps and bruises. I do not know the details but I know when she is ready she will let us know all about it!

Maggie we love you and put you in Gods healing care.


Skyline in Atlanta

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I took this picture at the Dogwood Festival a couple of weeks ago.
I thought it was an interesting shot!

Delight in the day dear friends!!


Anyone for a cuppa??

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell This little guy reminds me of how I feel and look before I have my first cup of coffee in the morning.....

A bit bleary eye'd with stiff joints!!!

Ciao Bella

I love Spring Time.........

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell We had such a beautiful day here in Atlanta today, compared to yesterday which poured rain for most of the day.
I am tired tonight and feel like I weigh a million tons. Body aches and sleepless nights can wear a person down.

I want to thank all of my followers and blog friends out there who help to make my days brighter and happier. I am glad I am here and to have met such lovely souls. Thank you to each and everyone of you!!

God Bless each of You.


Dancing In The Air

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I thought these wire sculptures at the Atlanta Dogwood Festival were amazing don't you agree??
They sparkled in the sunshine and seemed to just float in the air.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! Going to rain tomorrow here
in will love it!!

Love and Gods abundant Blessings to All!!


Atlanta Dogwood Festival 2010

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I love Azalea bushes. My hubby and I after we left the festival walked across the street and saw that an older apartment house was haveing a yard sale and in their front yard were the most vibrant Azalea bushes....although there was nothing I wanted to buy from them we did get some great photos of the bushes!

Thought I would share this with you my dear friends.

Hope your day is going well and productive!


Atlanta Dogwood Festival April 17th. 2010

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell My hubby and I attended the "Dogwood Festival" here in Atlanta this past weekend. The weather was fabulous and the pollen was terrible!! ACHOooo!! :D

I will post more pictures later today!!

Delight in the Day!!


Victoria Bliss

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I received my May/June issue of Victoria this afternoon and I thought I would post one of their beautiful photos here on my blog!
If any of you do not receive this magazine please get yourself a copy,
it is one of those magazines I can drift away from all the cares of the world with and curl up and feel good.

I wish you all a very nice weekend...My hubby and I are going to the Dogwood Festival in Atlanta tomorrow and I will take some pictures and post them next week for you.

Love, Hugs and Gods Blessings shine upon you,


Happy Birthday to my son Andy today!!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell It is hard to believe my son has turned 33yrs. old today!!
WOW....I am so proud of him and his wife Dawn. At the moment they
are waiting to hear news that they will soon be adopting a baby. It has been a long process for them and I can't wait to be a grandma again soon.
Andy is my oldest son, my middle son is Eddie who will be 32 this year and Christopher will be 30. Time goes by too fast.

Love to All,


Birds Of A Feather

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Creativity is welling up inside of me today...and the sweet birds singing this morning prompted me to make something in their honor.

Sweet melodious songs in the early morning mist...I awaken and listen for I know l will never hear this song....quite the same way again.

Happiness in the simple beauty around us,


In love with this!!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell There is so much work involved in this creation by Yvette...You have to hold it and turn it over and just marvel at all the lovely sides and top and bottom...and back of this. Well pretty darn amazing I have to say!!

Yvette...Thank you!!

Spring Smiles....Summer Wishes,


Gifts of Love

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I think sharing is a wonderful thing and wanted to share these with you. More goodies in my box. BTW I have been seen all over town wearing my lovely new necklace!!

Bunches of Hugsssss


The greatest Promise of all!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Wonderful book and cute little bookmark too!

Beautiful gifts from Southern Belle Retreat

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I wanted to share some more of the wonderful gifts I received from our retreat. I recieved the exchange gift from Yvette, she is such a talented and beautiful lady. Many of these items she made and I treasure each of them. I love The Promise book so much!
Isn't the "Pray" sign gorgeous??

Blessings to All,


Pictures of our Southern Belle Retreat!!

1. What a beautiful day to sit outside!

2. Debbie and Yvette
3. Beautiful jewelry created by Janice if
4. Tammy from The other side of
5. Debbie with gift made by Dawn
6. A beautiful creation made by Dawn from The Feathered Nest.
7. Dawn and Sharon
8. Lovely
9. Each one prettier than the next!
11. Lovely gifts from lovely ladies
12. MiMi
13. New friends and the apron I made for the day!!

Lovely gifts!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell My exchange gift was from Yvette, these are two of many gorgeous things she had tucked away in the box. Priceless!!

Thank you Yvette so much!!!

Southern Belle Retreat

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell The Southern Belle retreat yesterday was one of the most amazing days of my life. Meeting everyone face to face and hearing such beautiful stories of each of their lives was amazing. I will always cherish this day and these lovely ladies who inspire me with their extraordinary talents, their Love of God and family. They are all beautiful from the inside and out.

I am honored to call them my friends.

God Bless you all,


Southern Belle Retreat. A reflection on the day.

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell This gorgeous bow was attached to my exchange gift that I received today at our Southern Belle retreat. My new friend Yvette from put together the most beautiful box of gifts that I feel so blessed to have received, each one was breathtaking, I will have to post some of her creations and when I say LOVE goes into her creations it is there abundantly.
Sharon and Dawn were true angels and I am very blessed to have met them and all the other beautiful ladies there today.
The time spent with my fellow bloggers was too short. We felt so comfortable with each other as if we were always friends. I am still in awe of the day and can only thank God for this gift of friendship and kinship.

Blessed be the Day!!!


Seaside Cottage Card

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Dreaming of my little cottage by the Sea....thought I would share my little card I made!!

Love and Laughter to all my Dear Friends!!


Kreative Blogger Award Nominees!!

Hi All!!

Since I received the 'Kreative Blogger' award from Jan of 'Laughing Dog Arts'  I have wanted to put together the list of 7 nominees and also come up with 7 things about myself that you may or may not know about me yet.
Well first off I will list the 7 ladys that I would like to pass this award to. I know that all of the ladies I have met so far in Blogland deserve an award!!

These are the rules to be followed for this award:

1. Thank the person who gave this award to you. 2. Copy the logo and place it in your blog. 3. Link the person who nominated you. 4. Name 7 things about yourself that no one would really know.

5. Nominate seven 'Kreative Bloggers' 6. Post Links to the seven blogs you nominate. 7. Leave comment on each of the blogs letting them know you have nominated them.

Ok nominees it is up to you if you want to list your own nominees as well or you can just say thankyou and leave it at that. I believe these awards are a way of showing love, an…

This is what it's ALL about!!

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Happy Easter everyone....Thank you Dear Heavenly Father for sacrificing your Son to save us.....Thank you.

Love and Peace to All


Kreativ Blogger Award

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I received The Kreative Blogger Award from my friend Jan. her blog is
@ Please stop by her blog and scroll through her wonderful Art work. Jan is an inspiration to me, she makes fibre art creations that are so beautiful and thought provoking.
Thank you dear Jan for being so gracious in extending this award to me,
what a compliment indeed. Sometimes I think what would anybody see in what I have to make or say, but, I have learned something here in blogland that it's more than what we make it's who we are and how we treat each other with respect, kindness and generosity of spirit.

Please visit Jan and you will find a good friend indeed!!

Love to all,