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So lets have one more Giveaway in 2010...Ok??

Hello Dear Friends!!!!                                   

I figured hey...why not?? A Giveaway is GREAT... Right??? 

This is my way if saying


All of You have helped to
Make 2010 A GREAT YEAR
for me!! So I just wanted to say
Thank you!!

I am giving away a wonderful
magazine from Somerset it is their
"Sew Somerset" 2011 Winter
Edition. I have one of my own
which I just LOVE and wanted
You to have one too!!!!
If you love Sewing and
Mixed Media Art like me,
well you will really
love this newest

Next... I have included this cute
little stuffed Bird from Crate
and Barrel...She is looking
for a great home and wondered
if one of my dear Blogging
Friends would be able to take
her in??? She is not messy,
bossy or whistles too loudly!!

I am also giving you a wonderful
vintage...(Like New) table topper
made in Brazil. The lovely hand
crochet edging in aqua is soooo
beautiful!! It measure 31in. x 29in. The fabric is something that I have
not seen to…

Beautiful Creations and Gifts From Friends Near and Far.......

Hello Dear Friends,
During This Holy Day                Season I have aquired some lovely items. Some I have purchased from some of you and some are gifts of friendship.
This lovely Angel figurine was given to me from my friend Mary Pernula. This lovely Angel I bought from Dorthe in Denmark. She also made this beautiful tag and tinsel star for me. Thank you Dorthe!!
This lovely embroidered Angel and Manger ornament was made by my friend Hero one of my Georgia blogging buddies. Isn't it gorgeous?
This sweet little "Pink Posie Pouch" was made by Diane Knott. I purchased this from Diane and she also included one if her lovely tags  and a set of smaller tags as well!!Thank you so much Diane!! This sweet tag was made by is so pretty!! May All of you enjoy a wonderful New Year with Peace, Love, Health and Happiness!! Love, Susan

Merry Christmas From Our House to Yours.....Snowing in Georgia for Christmas

Merry Christmas To All!!                            

How is your Christmas
going? I hope you are
all having a wonderful
day so far filled with wonderful family, great friends and lots of goodies to eat!!!

I thought I would share some pictures with All of you of
our day here in
cold, snowy

My Mom had quite
a fun time opening
here presents and                                              
my husband received
some great presents

My favorite gift from
my hubby is my
new "Nook" from
Barnes and Noble.
I can now read
books again with
the help of the large
type that I can adjust
it to.

Our cat Sam had his Christmas present early, he had a spa day this past week. The pet mobile came to our home so Sam had his hair cut the Lion cut style and his nails trimmed. He loves getting his little hair cut a lot! He runs around alot more when he doesn't have 5 Lbs. of hair hanging on him!!
Well hope you all enjoy your Christmas and know I Love All of you and Thank you for sticking with me this…

Creating From Your Heart At Christmas.....and Every Day!!

Hello Dear Friends,

I hope all of you where ever you are are having a Great Day!!!

I am wrapping some
presents today that I
have been working on
and thought I would show
you a few.

I made some lovely
little pillows this year
to hang in your home.
I loved the fabric
with the Wisemen
and Mary with Baby
Jesus. I bought some
lovely burgandy
velvet for the backing.
I also added some
batting behind the
picture for more

Here is one of the little
pendants I showed
you in an earlier post. I added the lovely silver chain along with garnets and a crystal.
Enjoy the day!!

Love to You All



Susan and the Elves Part Two......Fla La La lala La la la la.....

Hi Everyone!

So I have been cracking down
really hard on the elves lately....

There are cards to make.....

Ornaments to make.....

Yikes....who knocked All
the glitter on the floor....Huhhh?

Well as you can see it's a mad
rush around here and WE will
be working round the clock
till it's ALL DONE!!

Hey....they have the Christmas
music on really really loud!
Hey you guys wanna keep it down??

Over and out for now!!

Susan and the Elves in an undisclosed site!!!!

More Pictures of my Granddaughter.... Little Lucia...

Hello All!

I wanted to share a
couple of new photos of my sweet little granddaughter Lucia. January cannot come quick enough to see her and the rest of my  family. 
I am in complete awe of her....She is so beautiful.
I wish you all a wonderful day!
Miracles are all around us.....


The Elves Have Been Hard At Work!!

Hi Dear Friends,

I have been making some Christmas
presents lately and wanted to share
some of my tiny creations with you.
Let me know what you think of them,
I have never made these before.

Wishing you all a Wonderful Day!! Hugs, Susan XXOO