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Mom Said..... Would You Care For Some Cake??

Hello Friends,

Our neighbor came over
last night with some flowers
and a wonderful Chocolate
cake for Mom's birthday on
Sunday!! Look at this Cake!!
Well sick or no sick my mother
Ever since I can remember
she has loved it...and I
inherited the chocolate
gene as well. I think if
my Mom could eat chocolate
All the time she would.
She once told her church
group that she would not
go to Heaven if there was
no Chocolate there....I told
her that God probably has
something even better there
than chocolate...well that
really did not comfort her
too much!! Lol

Anyway if you were here
she said she would "share" some
with you. Believe me your
very lucky!!

Mom is still coughing but
not as much and more alert
than yesterday!
Me...well I'm hangin in there!

Thank you for your well wishes and prayers!


Love you All,

Susan and Grandma Helen