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A Pearl Necklace

A Pearl Necklace
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell When I woke up this morning I was a bit groggy. I went to the kitchen...Coffee...Mmmm...Sam the kitty said Meow....Wind is blowing outside and Sunny. With coffee in hand I sit down at the computer...thinking WOW it was so much fun last night meeting some new friends and Maggie being such a dear. I opened my blog to see some more new friends following me!! Thank you for all of your kind words and wanting to get to know me. I celebrate each of you!!
Followers remind me of a necklace of Pearls, each one beautiful on it's own but when strung together showcase each other with beauty and strength united.

I wish you all Love and Warm Hugs!

"Garden Girl Journal"

"Garden Girl Journal"
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I made this cute Garden Girl Journal for my good friend and neighbor.
Her birthday is coming up early March. She loves gardening and so I thought she would love to have a journal to keep a record of her plantings and the fun she will have this year enjoying the fruits/flowers of her labor this year. There are places for pictures as well and pockets to keep little seed packets and receipts. I will add a cute bookmark as well. I think she will like it!!
Mmmm...I think I will make one for myself too!

Le Spring Chic

Le Spring Chic
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I had so much fun making this little birdie, isn't he cute??
He looks like he is VERY ready for Spring and all the great and beautiful things that come with the spring season.
I will be making a series of these precious little birdies so stay tuned!!
Love and Blessings for a Happy Wednesday...

A Birthday card I made for my Mom

Birthday Card I made for Mom
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I made this Birthday card for my Mothers 90th birthday this past Saturday. I call it the forever card as it is made on a 5x7 canvas panel.  The background is painted first with acrylic paints. I then cut out various flowers and positioned them on the panel with gesso. I Used a filigree stamp and a white gel pen for drawing, writing and highlighting. I also used a gold leaf pen to highlight parts of the flowers. lastly I added some lovely lace, a rose button and a cute little butterfly. On the back of the card I wrote a special sentiment for my Mom. The card rests on an easel in which I painted gold. Mom loved it!!

Random thoughts of simple treasures new and old....

I just wanted to write a little bit this evening to you all.

My husband and I cleaned out our garage this afternoon. My husband brought out a chair for me to sit on while I rummaged through all the totes and boxes looking for things and sorting things for the goodwill. I use to collect salt and pepper shakers ( I have around 200 sets) and found a pair of sweet little birds that my Mom had given to me so many years ago...back then I thought well they were not too cute... but, today...years later I find them to be the sweetest little pair of birdies ever...they came right into the house and are perched in my bay window area in the kitchen along with my cookbook collection. I will post some pictures soon.

Sometimes the things we have we take for, friends, our homes, our health... every good thing is a gift loaned to us and it is up to us to be thankful for these precious gifts, no matter how trivial at the time they may appear

I am thankful for you my new friends here i…

Happy 90th Birthday Mom!!!

This day 90 years ago my Mother was born in The Bronx in New York City.

She grew up on Long Island. She went to school there, played on the side walks with the other children on her block. Played dolls with her friend Norma...wished she had a Patsy Doll, (which I bought for her last year actually) visited her Aunt Millie every year in Connectifut in the summer. When she was older worked in New York City took two buses and two subways everyday into NYC. She would eat at the Automat, Danced at the USO dances with the young men before they went overseas...loved to jitterbug and collected all the Tomey Dorsey records, Glenn Miller, Harry James...She still sings all the old songs although her hearing is not very good anymore...she walks with a walker these days....still loves chocolate...still tells the same jokes I have heard all my life....and the same stories...but I would have it no other way...She is my mother, my friend, and she raised me well and I am proud to give her my love and r…

Curves Day Two

Well dear friends this was my second day at Curves. I did pretty well I think.
The machines seemed to glide a little more easily and my body responded pretty well.
My knees are very painful so have to go easy on them though.
I actually feel like I have lost a little...ha ha like two or three ounces...
The crazy thing is my energy level is up, thats a plus!!

I have been busy working on something for my Moms birthday this coming Saturday...she turns 90!!
Everyday is a blessing with my Mom. She is a wonderful and dear lady. I thank God for her everyday!!


Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I aspire to be this organized!!
So in LOVE with the Bird on Canvas,
it is so pretty so simple...What do you think?

The Littlest Snowman

We've been by where this little guy is a few times over the weekend and I asked my husband to go back and take this photo. One of our neighbors made the cutest little snowman. Most folks were making big ones, but these people decided to do the opposite. Before snapping this photo, my husband put his nose back on. It had melted off by this time. You can still see his little Holly Berry buttons. A couple are still on his vest and others have melted off to the ground below. Nevertheless, while he may be the smallest one of all, he is still standing tall. Most of the other snowmen in the neighborhood have all melted and toppled earlier today and some did yesterday as well. This little one is hanging tough against the Snow-melting-odds. My monies on the little guy!!

Happy Valentines Day!!

Happy Valentines Day!!
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I made these little Valentines for a banner I am putting together for our mantle in the living room but before I did, I wanted to share a few of them with you my dear friends that I have met here in "Blogland"!!!

You all are very dear to me and may God Bless each and every
one of you!!!

Have a wonderful Valentines Day and spread the Love all over!!!


Snowing in the South

Well here it is "SNOWING" in Georgia!! What a beautiful sight out in my back yard. There was a big Owl sitting in one of the trees with the snow falling and the red cardinals were flying around the bird feeder in my neighbors yard,  they were so beautiful against the white snow. I took some pictures and will try to get them downloaded here on my blog soon.

Would love to hear some of your favorite snow stories from when you were little...
Mine is when I was nine years old my parents and I moved from Miami where I was born
out to Denver Co. I had never seen snow before. We drove from Fla. to Colorado and
we stopped over night in Colorado Springs. The very next morning we were getting up
and it had snowed over night. I went out and scooped up some snow and brought
some in the motel room and told my Mom wow this stuff is cold and my Mom said
what did you think snow was???...Duhhh all I had was a snow globe from my Grandmother
one year....and it never snowed in Miami soooo I su…

Curves...losing it!!!

So I decided to join "Curves" today with my girlfriend! I really need to lose weight it is getting out
of control now...Not too many things in my vast closet is fitting me these days. Granted being on
the Prednisone is not helping one bit...but if I did not take it I would be in pain constantly soooo
for 30 minutes three days a week I will really try giving it my all!!!
Please say a prayer or two for me and I will keep you all posted on how I am doing.
I want to lose 20 pounds by the here goes and wish me luck!!!!

Being Grateful and Thankful.

Today I am thankful for family and friends for their love and support.
I am grateful for the rain even though I get tired if it...I remember our horrible drought
just over a year ago and prayed for rain everyday.
I am grateful for my mother who will be 90 years old this month. She is a blessing
over and over again.
I am thankful for the new firends I have found here in blogland. You are all
so lovely and kind.

Thank you dear Lord I am Grateful and Thankful for all of your Blessings.

Please post what you are Grateful and Thankful for I would love to hear from you!!!


It is a SUNNY SUNDAY today here in Atlanta!! YIPPPEEE!! I am sending SUNNY and WARM wishes for the folks who are not having a SUNNY DAY!!

Here are some things I think that would help a less than sunny day......

1. Play Sunshine on my shoulders by John Denver!!!

2. Wear YELLOW....all over!!!

3. SMILE alot and tell silly jokes!!

4. Take out your Paints and paint a BIG SUNSHINE complete with SMILEY FACE and give it to someone that is more Blue than YOU!!

5. Spread SUNSHINE  all over the place and put on a HAPPY FACE!!! Sings  my friend Tony Bennett.

Have a SUPER SUNNY  DAY in your HEART wherever you live and keep WARM and HAPPY!

If ANYONE would  like to post some SUNNY THOUGHTS.....PLEASE DO!!!

God Bless YOU !!

My interpretation of Monet's Waterlilys

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell This past year some of Monet's art came to Atlanta. After pestering my husband for weeks that I wanted to go we finally had a chance to go. As I sat there looking at the huge painting of Monets lily pond
the colors seemed to dance and move as if I was there with Monet
in another time and space. This little painting was my interpretation of that feeling I will always remember....sublime, tranquil and beautiful.

Only in a World of Love can we Unfold and Bloom

Only in a World of Love can we Unfold and Bloom
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I made this art collage on a canvas frame in honor of my three sons.
They are older now and the three little birds on the trees represent
their own lives now spreading their wings and making their own way. The home itself represents a house filled with love with Mom
always there watching them and loving them in all that they will do in this world. The Butterfly I found one day before Easter and he seemed to be very sick so I put him in a little dish and kept him
safe, the next morning on Easter Sunday I went to see how he was doing and he was sitting there flexing his wings and stayed there long enough for his photo to be taken....he flew off ....and I said he
has risen Hallelujah he has risen!!!

Today February 3rd. 2010

Today I awoke from some very poignant dreams of which I won't go into at this time. Some
dreams feel so real that when you awake you are not sure of where you are.. somewhere in the middle
of the dream world and the real world...I was glad to be back in this world.
I feel tapped into the flow of Blogland since I have a banner now...somehow this banner
makes me feel I have taken the big step into the realm of others who with all their heart just
want to create something....for me it's a hunger thats never quite filled always wanting a bit more
from me....and thats a wonderful feeling!

Well thats my musings for this day.

God Bless

Morning coffee in Savannah

Morning coffee in Savannah
Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell I took this picture last summer one morning in Savannah Ga.
I though it was so pretty with the sun hitting it just right on the park bench...Ahhhh mm good!!
My wonderful husband helped me to set up my Banner tonight.
We love Savannah Ga. and have taken countless pictures every time
we go.

Froggy & Me

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell This is me last summer 09. My step daughter Catherine loves taking pictures slightly askew!!!

Brynwood Needleworks....

Sorry that was Brynwood Needleworks..not Needlepoint!! Whoops!!!!