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A Darling Vintage Jewelry Holder...

Hi Sweet Friends,

Hope all of you are having
a good week so far.
I have been doing a bit of
resting lately as I have a lot
of pain in my right hip. I have
Bursitis in the hip and if you
have ever experienced the
pain from bursitis you will
understand. Prolonged walking
makes it more painful. I did
have a cortisone shot in my
hip about 4 weeks ago but
it wore off quickly.

Ahh well enough about that!!

I am showing you something
that I bought at an estate sale
a while ago. It is a revolving/
tilting wooden picture frame,
which sits on a weighted stand
of rather hefty metal. The inner
frame that turns over was rather
wobbly.  I have had it on my work
table for awhile wondering how to
bring it to life once again. On the same
table I have a couple of baskets with
lovely doilies...and the thought came to me
to  incorporate the lace with this frame.
I used an automatic staple gun to attach
the doily, added some bits and bobs
and Viola'!!

I have placed it in my Antique booth now....