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Moving Forward and Feeling Blessed

Hello Dear Friends,

Thank you All so much for
your loving words of comfort
over the last few days.
I want You  All to know that your
prayers and hugs and love has
been very much appreciated
by me and my family. Thank you!

Each day gets slightly better...
there are triggers...memories
of my little Sam that sets me off
but a feeling of overwhelming
peace comes over me now and I am
alright once more.

We're having Sam cremated,
mainly because we want to
move and I want Sam to be
where we are. I know he will
be in our hearts where ever
we go...but, I find comfort
in that his ashes will be
with us too. Those of you
who have had this done
for your pet...could you
tell me how you feel about it?

I have been puttering around in
my craft room and have been working
on my newest ATC swap. Our theme
for April is Steampunk!! Somewhat
out of my realm...but I am having a
blast putting it together.
Last year we went to Dragon Con
and there were so many people there
dressed up with Steampunk cost…

My Beautiful Sam Passed Away This Afternoon......

Hello Dear Friends, With an extremely heavy heart I tell you that I have lost my little friend tonight. I thought he was having hairball problems and so my husband and I brought him to the vets late this afternoon. Upon arrival Sam was gasping for breath and they rushed him into a room and gave him ogygen. The nurse asked us if she could take an x-ray to see what was going on. When the nurse came back to the room she told us the devastating news, that Sam had a tumor next to his heart and that his lungs were filled with fluid. I was just floored....I am still in shock. We had Sam for 4 1/2 years and he was...well how do I explain to you the love that he gave us....he was always there for me....he would lie by my side in bed when I was ill and after two major surgeries....he would eat, have is water, and just stay with me. I always said he was a gift from God and he truly was. Tonight this is what I have learned.....even after my Sam has passed away he leaves this last gift ALWAYS …

Please Pray for my kitty "Sam"!!!!...Update...Taking Sam to the Vets now....Pls keep Praying!! TY

Hi Friends,

My beautiful kitty "Sam" has not been
well lately. He has been throwing up
and breathing heavy. We will be taking
him to the vet this afternoon when my
husband get off of work. 

I have had three white kitty's in my
life thus far. My first white kitty I
had was when I was a little girl in
Florida. He showed up at our house
on my 8th birthday. I named him Well Kitty was my constant
companion, he would let me dress him
up in doll clothes and be pushed around
in my doll buggy. I would bring all my
dolls outside and lay them down on a
blanket with another blanket up to their
chins...ha ha.. you would see doll head,
doll head, Kitty head...and so forth!
He was my best friend. One day
the wicked witch down the street
stopped in front of our house on her
bike and told my Dad that my Kitty
was making too much noise at night
over at her house with all her cats!
Well my Dad continued to mow the grass...
and she scooped up my Kitty and put him in
her bask…

Dreaming of Summer Cuff.......Flowers from Atlanta Botanical

Happy Saturday to You!!!
We had such a beautiful day here in Atlanta. It must have reached over 80 with low humidity. This is my favorite time of year here in GA. The trees are in bloom with spring blossoms of white pink, purple and magenta.
I wanted to share with you a pretty cuff bracelet I had made for my neighbor's birthday this week. The beautiful blue bead on it is a vintage glass bead that I found a few months ago. The blue color of this bead reminds me of a beautiful summers day. I added a silver shell button, a peridot bead, a milky turqouise bead and a MOP button with a cobalt bead sewn on the top. I used some of my beautiful blue yarns for some texture and color. The base is from my creamy satin brocade fabric that is sewn onto a creamy grograin ribbon. Two little round velcro discs keep it together on the wrist. My friend loved it!!

Some more pics from the Atlanta Botanical Gardens..... Wishing you abundant Blessings in your Life.

Love Always

A Day Of Silence For Japan

Today March 18th Please join Bloggers all over the world for a day of silence to show respect for the victims of the ongoing disasters in Japan.

                                                              Please Donate Generously

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens.....

Hi Everyone!! 
My husband and I went to visit the Atlanta Botanical Gardens last weekend. We had never been there before and with the weather being so nice it was a lovely day to be there!
They were having an Orchid show and some that you could purchase as well.
We strolled through many of the buildings. The air was so fragrant and fresh it was pure joy to be there! Many plants were from different parts of the world. We journeyed through Columbia and Africa. We had a wonderful time and want to come back again when the Roses are blooming!!
Love and Blessings

Blissfull ATC Swap for March....

Hi Everyone!!!

I wanted to share with you the newest
Blissfull ATC Swap for March!
We were given a beautiful picture
called "Raw Silk" this month
and we could use this picture
in any way that we wanted to.
My swap Partner this time was
Tina and this was her very first
ATC that she has ever made!!
Tina's ATC is stunning don't
you think so?
Tina also gave me some goodies
as well! This is the sweetest
little Japanese crochet doll.
I love her she is adorable!!
Thank you Tina!

Tina also gave me a crochet Tea towel and some Tea bags too!! Look here do you see the pincushion.. it has Dragonflies on it that I love so much! How did she know?

This is the ATC I made for Tina!  What is that Blue thing on it you ask??
Well it is a real Hand Dyed Silk Cocoon! I had so much fun making this
for Tina. Thank you so much Tina!!!!

What a wonderful experience this swap was and if you have not tried
making ATC's yet...well what are you waiting for? Join in on all the fun
and make new fr…

Prayers sent out to Japan...My two Stepsons in the Pacific Guam and Marshall Islands

Hello Dear Friends,

I know that we are all feeling such
pain and sadness for the people
of Japan.

I have been up since early this
morning watching the horrow
and tragedy unfolding for these
poor people.

Please join me in Prayer that
the people of Japan and other
countries that are affected
will be helped and kept
safe from all harm. I know
that many have lost their lives
and many ae injured. I pray
that these earthquakes will
end and that all can rebuild
their lives again.

We have two son's in the is in the
Navy and just recently
was sent to Guam.
Another son of ours
has been serving a mission
for two years in the Marshall
Islands and today is his last day.
He leaves for Hawaii tomorrow
and will be back in the mainland
soon. God Bless them!!

All people in the service have
have been accounted for and are safe.
The Marshall Islands will have a wave
surge of one foot.

May God watch over all of us
and keep us safe. May we never
forget our Father in Heaven
is always wit…

My Love of Painting.....A gift for Mom

Hello Dear Friends!! I am hoping YOU are having a good day!!

I wanted to share with you today a painting I did for my Mother when she was leaving Denver, Colorado a few years back to come and live with us here in Georgia. There is
a bit of glare in the you may see me taking!
I was busy preparing her room for her and wanted her to feel right at home. My husband had left for Denver to help her clear out her apartment and fly back to Georgia with Mom. I had a few days to myself...which was just what I needed to paint her a picture for her room. I really did not have an idea what I was going to paint. I thought well I will paint a sky with some clouds in it and go from there. Soon I could imagine an ocean with waves and maybe a little storm brewing... I could picture the sun setting and a lavender hue in the distance.
I pictured a beach with some waves coming in...
I pictured these things in my mind as I painted and I hoped that my Mom would like it!
When I showed my M…

A Face In the Mirror.....

Hi Dear Friends!!   

Can you take a guess who this is???
It's face in my magnified  mirror. 
I am feeling better and this is the first time in a while now that I feel good.  I needed to take a picture of myself to see me feeling good!! I wanted to show all of you a recent picture of me as well. I have an older picture of myself on my profile taken about three years ago I think. I look at that picture and while it is me it is no longer who I am now.
My faith in God is much stronger now! I have a wonderful connection with you my blogging friends. My Mother is living with us now and I can take care of her now. My husband took me and my Mom to the Doctors yesterday and we are both doing much better. Mom's lungs are clear and my biggest problem is actually allergies!! I told the Dr. what I have been doing for mom during her cold/cough and he said that I did all the right things for her!! Yippee what I relief to hear that!! Thank you God!!
It is getting a bit harder for me I have to admit to …

A Peaceful Stillness In Your Soul.......

Hello Dear Friends,

I am hoping that All is well
in your part of the world today.

After a tumultuous day of bad
weather yesterday here in Georgia,
today we are having a beautiful calm
and sunny early spring day.
We had some very bad storms
here yesterday with sirens going
off and on because of Tornado
threats. I got my Mom in a safe
and secure place in the house and
gathered up medications and things
that were important and hunkerd
down. We prayed that all would
go well and  so it did,.
Thank You Lord.

We are still not feeling well. I now
have it full blown as well with
a lot of coughing. My husband is
still coughing a bit and Mom
seems to be slowly getting better too.
I feel like crap but praying
that it will pass quickly.
Hard to do anything right
now. I feel drained.

I have had this picture for
awhile now...and no it is
not my back yard...but it
would be nice if it was!!

I thought it would be lovely
for you all to look at and just
breath in some serenity and
calmness to your life…