Monday, April 12, 2010

In love with this!!!

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There is so much work involved in this creation by Yvette...You have to hold it and turn it over and just marvel at all the lovely sides and top and bottom...and back of this. Well pretty darn amazing I have to say!!

Yvette...Thank you!!

Spring Smiles....Summer Wishes,


Gifts of Love

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I think sharing is a wonderful thing and wanted to share these with you. More goodies in my box. BTW I have been seen all over town wearing my lovely new necklace!!

Bunches of Hugsssss


The greatest Promise of all!!

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Wonderful book and cute little bookmark too!

Beautiful gifts from Southern Belle Retreat

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I wanted to share some more of the wonderful gifts I received from our retreat. I recieved the exchange gift from Yvette, she is such a talented and beautiful lady. Many of these items she made and I treasure each of them. I love The Promise book so much!
Isn't the "Pray" sign gorgeous??

Blessings to All,