Friday, March 25, 2011

My Beautiful Sam Passed Away This Afternoon......

Hello Dear Friends,
With an extremely heavy heart I tell you that I have lost my little friend tonight.
I thought he was having hairball problems and so my husband and I brought him to the vets
late this afternoon. Upon arrival Sam was gasping for breath and they rushed him into a room and gave him ogygen. The nurse asked us if she could take an x-ray to see what was going on.
When the nurse came back to the room she told us the devastating news, that Sam
had a tumor next to his heart and that his lungs were filled with fluid.
I was just floored....I am still in shock. We had Sam for 4 1/2 years and he was...well how do I explain to you the love that he gave us....he was always there for me....he would lie by my side in bed when I was ill and after two major surgeries....he would eat, have is water, and just stay with me.
I always said he was a gift from God and he truly was.
Tonight this is what I have learned.....even after my Sam has passed away he leaves this last gift ALWAYS CHERISH YOUR LOVED NEVER TAKE THEM FOR GRANTED
Sam never stopped looking at me while we were in the room with him.
The nurse had said well I could give him something so he's comfortable....I asked her
how long does he have....the nurse said two maybe three days....I said no that I did not want
to prolong his suffering just for me.....they gave him two shots and he and I looked at each
other till his little spirit left this world.
Sam is with my granddaughter Halle and my little girl Sarah Amelia in Heaven.
I thank the Lord for the gift of Sam in our lives.....
Sam my dear little friend thankyou for being with me through these past years and all
the comfort and love that you have given to us in abundance everyday.

Thank you dear friends for your prayers

I Love You All...

Susan and Family

Please Pray for my kitty "Sam"!!!!...Update...Taking Sam to the Vets now....Pls keep Praying!! TY

Hi Friends,

My beautiful kitty "Sam" has not been
well lately. He has been throwing up
and breathing heavy. We will be taking
him to the vet this afternoon when my
husband get off of work. 

I have had three white kitty's in my
life thus far. My first white kitty I
had was when I was a little girl in
Florida. He showed up at our house
on my 8th birthday. I named him Well Kitty was my constant
companion, he would let me dress him
up in doll clothes and be pushed around
in my doll buggy. I would bring all my
dolls outside and lay them down on a
blanket with another blanket up to their
chins...ha ha.. you would see doll head,
doll head, Kitty head...and so forth!
He was my best friend. One day
the wicked witch down the street
stopped in front of our house on her
bike and told my Dad that my Kitty
was making too much noise at night
over at her house with all her cats!
Well my Dad continued to mow the grass...
and she scooped up my Kitty and put him in
her basket and rode off. I was horrified.....and very sad.
I missed my Kitty so much. Then one day
Kitty returned, he was all dirty and bloody.
It took him three weeks to come home to me
but he was so sick and so we had to take him
to be put to sleep! Very sad ;(

My second white kitty was named "Missy"
She was a Turkish Angora and I found her
at the pound. She was my little girl and loved
me very much! Missy loved paper and would play with
it, lay on it...roll around on it!! Too funny!  I was going
through some tough times and had to give her away.
A friend of mine worked at a nursing home and took
Missy for me. Well Missy became the mascot of the
nursing home and was a delight to everyone there.

Then came "Sam"...what can I say he is the most loving
affectionate cat I know. He follows me everywhere.
When I craft he is there....when I watch TV he has to sit
on my lap and face the TV with me...he has to be my side
all the time.

He is throwing up and coughing and having a hard
time breathing....he is not by my side today... he is
in my bedroom..laying on my shoes....poor Sam...

Please Pray for Sam....

I will let you know later how he is!!

Love to All,