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"Creative Carmelina's Flash Giveaway!!"

Hello Everyone!!

Happy Monday to you All!!!!

I was soooo excited to be the
winner of Carmelina's beautiful
"Flash Giveaway" last week!!
Carmelina asked us to comment
as many times as we liked to
increase our chances of winning.
Ha ha well I did.....ahh but it was
so worth it!
Look at the beautiful items
Carmelina made for the winner!!

You must take a moment and visit
Carmelina and her gorgeous Blog if
have not already!!

Carmelina is a lovely and extremely talented

Once I have 200 Followers I will
post my newest Giveaway!!!!

Love to All and Blessings always,


The Blissful ATC Swap "JANE AUSTEN" theme....

Hi Everyone!!

I wanted to show all of you
the beautiful Jane Austen ATC
I received from my swap partner
Sonya Nelson. Sonya and I were
paired together when we entered
the Blissfull ATC Swap that Wendy
puts together every month. If you
have not tried making little ATC's
yet well click onto my Blissfull
ATC button and sign up. You
will be very happy that you did!!
The next swap is in February
and the theme will be "Alice in

                                 I love the detail Sonya added to her lovely ATC!!

Sonya added some other goodies
as well.....lovely ribbons and lots of cupcakes!!!!
Glad they were not real as I would
have had to eat many of them!!! :)

This is the ATC I made for Sonya.  I also made a little fabric bag to keep Jane comfy and cozy!!

Wishing You All a Beautiful Day!!

Love and Blessings to All!!


One Beautiful Heart....And....A Giveaway Coming Up Soon!!!

Hi Sweet Friends,

I was tickled pink when I found out
that this lovely decorative
heart plate was sold the other
day at the booth.
This beautiful plate was made in Italy.
The sweet Cherubs stand out
amongst this gorgeous lacy
background. I also love
the textural quality of it as well.
When I found this piece
my heart skipped a beat as
I instantly fell in love with it!!
I hope the person that
purchased it will enjoy it very much!
I think it would look lovely on a
plate stand on top of a mantle
for Valentines Day...

In today's market it is a bit tough
to price things. Everyone wants a
bargain, and why not!!
For most of us our purse strings are
tighter because of an unknown economy.
The items I am selling right now are all
affordable. As a buyer and seller I
feel very comfortable knowing there
are quality items to be had out there.
If you take a little extra time to look
and explore you can find some
wonderful things for your home!!
I Love exploring don't
you? :)

Tell me wh…

My New Adventure.......An Antiques Mall Booth!!!

Dearest Friends,

I am so very excited to share
with All of you a very big step
for me.  I am co-owner of a
booth in an Antique Mall. My
lovely friend JoAnn and I are
partners in this adventure.
JoAnn and I actually met here
one day. My husband and I 
love to go antiquing and looking
for treasures. I am always looking for
items to enhance things that I make.
JoAnn and I had become friends and
would visit each other and have craft
sessions together.We would bounce
off ideas to one another and the more
we did the more we came to the
conclusion that two heads in business
was much better than one!!

I made this to represent JoAnn and I in
our new adventure together....

Some cute hair pins and Bookmarks...

JoAnn loves to search for antique furniture
and I love to make things.....

I found some beautiful paper weights...and this is one of them!! 
I made this cute Cake plate stand
as well!

 I added the ribbon to this cake stand.....                                                 The cupcak…

Hand made Treasures from the Past and Gifts of the Present....

Happy 2012 Everyone!!

I thought I would share
some pictures with you
today of a few items which
I have purchased and have

The little dress here is going to my newest
grand daughter. Amy is three months old now.
Babies grow so very quickly don't they? I am saving
this little dress for her so when she is a bit bigger
I will give this to her. I bought the dress at the
Country Living Fair at Stone Mountain this past
September. I just fell in love with it!! I think you
will probably agree that it is adorable!!

This is one of the tables in my craft room
where I lay out my cloth, laces, buttons
and make something magical!
I have just completed an ATC for the
Blissful ATC swap.
Our theme for January is "Jane Austen"!! 
There is something comforting about old crochet
pieces that I love. Last year I came across a bag
full of pieces of discarded tatting and fine crochet
bits. Some were not finished...but the expertise of
workmanship was obvious. I wonder who she was
and w…