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Moving Forward and Feeling Blessed

Hello Dear Friends,

Thank you All so much for
your loving words of comfort
over the last few days.
I want You  All to know that your
prayers and hugs and love has
been very much appreciated
by me and my family. Thank you!

Each day gets slightly better...
there are triggers...memories
of my little Sam that sets me off
but a feeling of overwhelming
peace comes over me now and I am
alright once more.

We're having Sam cremated,
mainly because we want to
move and I want Sam to be
where we are. I know he will
be in our hearts where ever
we go...but, I find comfort
in that his ashes will be
with us too. Those of you
who have had this done
for your pet...could you
tell me how you feel about it?

I have been puttering around in
my craft room and have been working
on my newest ATC swap. Our theme
for April is Steampunk!! Somewhat
out of my realm...but I am having a
blast putting it together.
Last year we went to Dragon Con
and there were so many people there
dressed up with Steampunk cost…