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In The Good old Summer Time....

Dear Friends,

The first day of summer
has always been a favorite
of mine.

Summer time is for taking
things a bit slower....putting
on lighter fabrics to keep you
Summer time is picnics and
walks in the early evening.
Planting flowers in the garden.
Sipping lemonade on the porch.
Eating ice cream in the evening
on the deck.

Going to the beach and wearing
your new bathing suit. Digging
in the sand and making sand castles.
Searching for shells along the shore.
The smell of salty air and the sound
of the gulls soaring high above the waves.

Family, and loving
in the good ol summer time.

What does summer time mean to you?

Love and Blessings,


Newest Addition to...... "The Victorian Shoppe"

Hello Dear Friends,

Happy Thursday to All!!

This week has gone by fast.
I have been working on a
Fabric book for the shop
and thought I would share
it with you.

Little by little I have been
collecting fabrics and laces
and odds and ends and this
little book of 8 pages is packed
with many of pieces that I
have acquired over time.

It has a French theme to
it and I have used quite
a few different toile fabrics
in it with some vintage lace
as well. Contained inside
are pockets with little hidden
treasures and also the sweetest
little journal.

Stop over at "The Victorian Shoppe"
on Facebook and see what the other
ladies are selling as well.
And while your at it come
join us to sell something
of yours too!!

Love and Blessings,

"The Victorian Shoppe's" ......Grand Opening"....come visit me!!!

Hello Dear Friends,

I am soooo excited I want to tell you about a new shop that my friend Marilyn Anderson and I have opened up on Facebook today.
We have named it...
"The Victorian Shoppe"
We are selling items
with a Victorian look
or theme to them either                                           
handmade or purchased.
They can be new or

"Ocean Waves" cuff with
velvet and lace.
We have some items listed         
already, so come take a stroll
over to Facebook and
type in " The Victorian
Shoppe". All are welcome to come           
and visit and you may also
post "Your" items for sale as well.
The more the merrier..right?

Please come visit and             
say hello. We would be
so happy to see you!!

Here are a couple of items I have listed in The Victorian
Shoppe so far.....

Enjoy a wonderful weekend and may God Bless you ALL!!!

Susan                                                                                            xxoo


Hello Dear Friends!!

I am hoping that your
Wednesday is going well!!

Did you know that if you
seperated the word get

I stumbled upon this
yesterday while watching
a Tv show....I caught it
out of the corner of my eye
and was not sure if they
had meant it to look that
way or was it my crazy
eye's seeing things again.
In any event I really loved
what I saw or thought I saw
and it got me thinking....
uh oh there I go thinking
again as my husband puts it!! I think
we are all trying to do various
things with our art and if we only
would "try" Art wow what a
wonderful world opens up for us.
We discover ourselves...we find we
can do something that we never
knew we were capable of doing.
The possibilities are as endless
as our own imagination and inspiration.

ART IS TRY.......Love it!!!

Some pictures I have taken recently...enjoy!! This is my latest cuff for the shop. I call it the Will and Kate Royal cuff!! there is a lit…

Lavender Display Pillows for new Fab Cuffs and a Dream Journal............

Dear Friends,

Well it's Friday again and wanted to share with you all a couple of my newest fabric cuffs I have been working on.
The first one is called the Nest.... I thought it turned out really cute what do you think?? I added a little feather from some earrings my friend gave to me.
I wanted to show my cuffs off better for the shop I am selling my little treasures in and thought of the concept of wrapping them around a cute little pillow, this way someone could see what the cuff would look like if it was on their wrist. I added some wonderful lavender with some very soft fibrefill to the pillow. I thought it looked so pretty this way! What do you think???

This is the "Pretty in Pink" Cuff I made with pearls and a single peridot in the middle of the flower. The little "Dream Journal" I made for my son Eddie's  fiance'  Kristin!! I gave it to her when I went up to N.J. a week ago...she loved it!!

Wishing ALL of you a Wonderful Weekend!! God Bless you All Love Susan