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Down On The Farm With Mr. Seramu.....

Hello All!!

I would like you to meet Mr. Seramu Bantam from Malasia.
The Seramu's are the worlds Smallest Chickens and I was very happy to hold this little fellow for a few seconds, Mr. Seramu was too interested in what was below him....a BIG trough full of all his favorite things to eat!! On the fourth of July in our town of Woodstock we stopped by the Fair, and  I Had to go into the little petting zoo that they had set up and grab a tin can of delectable morsels for all my little farm friends. They even had Pygmy ex father in law in England once told me I should buy about a dozen or so of Pygmy Goats to help keep the grass down in our yard....I never knew if that guy was kidding me or not!! Well I never bought the Pygmy Goats,... he probably wanted to borrow them for his lawn!!
Anyway back to the petting zoo. There was also a medium sized PIG there and to keep himself cool he sat himself down in a water pan....Ha ha ha....Mr. Pig was sitting with his butt in the wat…