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My Beautiful Grandson John......

Hi Sweet Friends....

Just a quick note and picture of
my dear grandson John and me!!

My husband and I took a week to go
visit my family in New Jersey.
We had the most wonderful time!!
We just returned home tonight.

I have soooo much more to show you
but had to quickly show this picture of John and
me...We had a BLAST!!!!




The Love of Journal Making.......and other Tid Bits :)

Hi Sweet Friends,

I just wanted to share a few things
I have been working on for the

I have been making some
journals and could not wait
to show you a couple of my

I have named this journal
"Love of Vivaldi." The composer.
The image I copied onto some ink jet
fabric and layered it upon some lovely
sheet music paper I bought from
The Paper Source! ( I Love that store)!
The tatting around the woman's head
is from an old tattered hankie.
I wanted to create something similar to
the large beautiful Lace collars woman
wore in the Elizabethan era..

This journal is a bit more on the whimsey
side. the paper is again from the Paper Source
shop. This one is so vibrant and fun to look at.

These are more items that will be going into
a friends booth at my favorite Antique Mall!!

The journal in the middle was made for a gentleman.
It is all about travel and old fashioned stamps on the
inside covers.

I thought you would like to see what I
have been up to lately!!

A Cute Potpourri Pod Ornament...

Hi Sweet Friends,

You know the bags of potpourri you can buy
in the stores with all the large pods
and odd wooden pieces....Well
I had an idea!!!!

Why not decorate them for the Holidays!!

This "Pod" for lack of a better word
was from a package of potpourii
I bought last year.   It was already
painted gold and so all I did was take
some moss and evergreen bits from a
New Hampshire Potpourri mix I bought
recently, add a little pine cone, a berry from
a silk floral bouquet, some glitter cause I love
glitter, and last but not least I added this sweet
little gold bird, (that I had stashed away to do
something with...someday!!)
I also made a little hole thru the top to 
pull the ribbon through.


A sweet little ornament to decorate your tree or hang
in front of a window.

Look and see what you may have in your home
that you could recycle into something new and pretty!!

I have some more odd shaped bits from the
potpourri mix and will se…

A Few Workshop Creations.....

Hi Sweet Friends....

Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend
so far!!

I have been busy making some cute
little Christmas items and thought I
would share a few of them with you.

Do you like my little "Forest World"??
I am making some for Christmas to
give as gifts!! :)

 I am also making some cute tags to go on presents.....

Love this one!!!

 Wishing you All a Beautiful Sun Shiny Day!!

Love To All,


Meet My New Grand daughter!! Miss Amy Catherine

Hello Dear Friends!!

With much anticipation and
delight I announce the birth
of my newest little granddaughter

        "Amy Catherine"

Amy was born today at 11:40 AM
 She was 7lbs, and 20 in long.

We are planning a trip up to New Jersey
soon to see the family!!   So many more
pictures will be taken then!!

                                                                                                                                                         This is my lovely Daughter-in-law
Kristin and her beautiful daughter Piper!                            
My son Eddie has blue eye's
too so little Amy no doubt
will have blue eye's as well!

Love to All,
Grandma Susan :)

Grandsons Are Great Blessings!!!!

Hello Dear Friends,

Hope all is going well in your
neck of the woods this Thursday.

These are my two grandsons
John 7yrs. on the left and Kaden
his brother who is 5yrs.

John is in the second grade and
is such a lively and loving little
boy. He is a very good student

Kaden is always ready to laugh
and have fun. He loves to dance
and is very good at reading.

Missing them so very much!!

Love to All,

Grandma Susan