Saturday, April 9, 2011

Romancing in Purple "Cuff"

Hi Dear Friends,

Just wanted to share this
sweet little cuff that I
made for a special
family member recently.

She loves purple and
magenta so I wanted
to make something with
her favorite colors in mind.
I love making cuffs so much.
I think the juxtaposition
between wearable art
and that one of a kind
piece that no one else
is wearing is what
I like the most about
fabric cuffs.

The rose colored fabric
under the ribbon rose
is pure is so
delicate and so very soft.
The pearls are a lovely
dusty rose like the ribbon.
The cuff is made with
cream lace and a cream
grograin ribbon. It has
a velcro closure attached.

This picture does not pay
it's much prettier
in person.

Well my dears I am hoping
that all of you are enjoying a
very lovely Saturday.

Love to All,