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The Mary Hayes Story

Originally uploaded by sjmcdowell Miss Mary Hayes of Waterbury Ct. was no ordinary woman and at an early age knew what she wanted to do with her life. Mary was not the type to sit idly by and wait for some man to scoop her up and marry her, no sir'e. what Mary wished for was to become a Botonist and to travel to exotic parts of the world to discover and catalog new plant species.
Marys mother had died when Mary was three. Her father was a banker in New York City and took the train every morning at 6:30AM and came home every night by 7:00PM. Mary had learned from her Grandmother a love of plants and would help her in the greenhouse, from planting seeds to propagating. When she was 10 she had already planted her own vegetable garden and designed her own little secret garden.
Marys love of plants developed into a hunger to learn more and so after highschool she went to study under a young but famous Botonist Professor Lee Vanderhorn at New Haven University. Mary attended the …